Ecobank Scan And Pay: How To Register, Install And Use For Different Transactions

Ecobank PLC is one of the most popular banks in Nigeria with over 600 branches and offices in 36 other African countries. The headquarters is located at Lagos and also serves as a universal bank that provides wholesale, retail, corporate and investment banking services. Recently, the bank introduced a new service called the Scan+Pay feature which allows users to scan a barcode image called a QR code using their smartphone so that they can pay for goods or send money to someone else.


The service is available in 33 countries across Africa. The service allows  small and medium scale enterprises and merchants to accept payment from mobile devices and cards without using point of sale device (POS). The service was introduced to bridge the gap in digital payment to enable both the banked and unbanked populace to access any form of financial account they have to make payments anywhere in the world. Other means of payment through other cards can also be used.



How Does The Ecobank Scan And Pay Works?

The service is a result of a partnership between Ecobank and Visa. This service is accessible from the Ecobank mobile app and works on both feature phones and smartphones. If your phone doesn’t have a camera to scan the QR code or perhaps is not a smartphone then you must enter a unique merchant identifying code. After entering the unique merchant’s identifying code or scanned QR code. The Scan and Pay service will process the payment at once and it will be sent from your Ecobank account to the merchant’s account.


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Then you and the merchant will receive real-time notification for that particular transaction. This service serves to accelerate digital commerce and to make banking and commerce easier and faster. This service works on all account types and even on the Ecobank mobile app



 Features Of The Scan And Pay Service

  1. Users can also conduct one-on-one payments and transfer funds instantly to their friends and family using their phone at very reduced cost.
  2. Globally acceptable and reliable.
  3. Makes payments easier, faster, convenient and more secure.
  4. Works perfectly with the Ecobank mobile app, internet payment plaplatform,MasterCard etc.
  5. Instant payment for goods via the Masterpass QR, Visa or mCash as a means of payment or merchant.




  1. Cashless, secure and immediate payments for all products and services.
  2. No need to connect to a power supply or internet connection.
  3. No service fee is charged.
  4. Ecobank account holders who use and have the mobile banking app can also use this service at different salepoints just by scanning the QR at a merchant’ s place. Those without smartphones can access the service by dialing *770#.
  5. Safe and secure transactions is ensured because it uses a pin code (Personalized Code) known only to the user.
  6. Can be used to pay at the cinemas and online shopping (bill payment, pay taxi fare , buy fuel and airtime etc).
  7. Works on all types of account.

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