Fidelity Bank Nigeria Internet Banking: How To Register And Get Started

Fidelity Bank Plc. is one of the leading banks in Nigeria with its headquarters in Lagos, the commercial business hub of Nigeria. Fidelity Bank started in 1988 as Fidelity Union Merchant Bank, in 1999, it was converted to full commercial bank and decided to change its name to Fidelity bank Plc. In February 2001, the bank became a Universal bank with a license to offer commercial, corporate, consumer and investment banking services.


Today, Fidelity Bank Plc. is amongst the top 10 banks in Nigeria, with banking network in major cities and commercial centres in Nigeria. Fidelity Bank plc. is known for its integrity and professional service delivering to its customers nationwide.


We will be looking into how to use the Fidelity Bank plc. internet banking platform for all transaction with how you can register and get started.


All About The Fidelity Internet Banking Services

The Fidelity internet banking is an online banking platform owned by Fidelity bank Plc, which customers can use to access their funds and perform any banking transaction any time of the day without restriction to time and location.

Please note that the Fidelity internet banking platform is only available to customers banking with Fidelity Bank plc. You can also have access to the platform with an internet connected smartphone, laptops and PC.


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The Advantage Of Using The Fidelity Internet Banking Services

Below are some services you can perform with Fidelity internet banking platform:

  • You can check account balance anytime of the day
  • You can perform funds transfer from your account to any Fidelity bank account holder and to other banks in Nigeria
  • You can generate your bank account statement
  • You can also make payment such as custom duties, tax payment and other government dues.
  • You can buy airtime directly from your account and other top-ups.
  • You can also request for an ATM card
  • You can make DSTV payment and also other utility bills.


How You Can Register For the Fidelity Internet Banking Services

If you are a customer of Fidelity Bank plc., you can at any time request access to the internet banking service whenever you want to register.

To register and start using the platform, you can:

  • Visit any Fidelity bank branch located close to you.
  • Call any of the customer service centre or by emailing them


You can also register via the Fidelity internet banking platform at , once the loaded end opens, there are three steps you can follow to register on the platform


Step 1: You Have To Validate Your Identity: To do this, input your account number, then Fidelity bank will send a code to the phone number you use to receive bank alert with.


Step 2: Username And Password: You can choose any username of your choice as long as you will always remember it on the platform. Next, choose a secure password you would love to use for the services. You would be required to create a secret question and answer in case you want to change your password later.


Step 3: Complete your Registration: You can also download Fidelity soft token mobile app and configure it.

To start using the Fidelity internet banking services, you can visit , fill in your log in details and start enjoying convenient banking services.

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