DSTV Nigeria Different Problems And Resolutions Step By Step Procedures

There is nothing more annoying than putting your TV on and your DSTV stopped working.it is a very annoying thing when the screen goes black with that little white box pop-up “SIGNAL NOT FOUND”.

Today’s post will help you to solve different problems you can encounter on DSTV:


Scanning Problems

This is a problem of the decoder searching for signals on different frequencies not successfully connecting to bouquet.

  • Possible Cause 1: this could be because of a change in the signal positions. To solve this, you need to re-align the dish position.
  • Possible cause 2: cable has been disconnected between the decoder. To solve this, you need to connect another decoder to the signal or the decoder to another signal.


Scanning For A Long Time

Your decoder might take long to scan, then after it must have scanned, may start showing picture crack which is caused by low signal. To solve this, you can do a dish re-alignment.


DSTV Not Scanning Full Number Of Bouquets

If your decoder is connecting less bouquets, then this could be a malfunction problem. To solve this, do factory reset.


Picture Crack

This is normally caused by low signal quality. It’s usually happens when there is rainfall, but if the problem continues in dry weather, then it could be that your dish has moved away from signal position and might need a re-alignment. To solve this, you should contact a DSTV installer to help you.


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Remote Control

The DSTV recent remote control are meant to do some other functions on the decoder that are used in the extra view facility. It is a problem that normally occurs from unnecessary pressing on the remote button light that blinks on TV 2 when it is supposed to be TV 1 which will cause the remote control unit not to function well on the single view decoder. To solve this, press [shift] after the shift blinks, then press TV 1. The red remote light will now blink on the TV 1.



If No TV Sound 

If you notice there is no sound on your TV that is connected, though this is common problem that occurs when you connect another TV to the decoder. To solve this, press the menu, then go to advance option, and press the OK button, go to TV installation and press the OK button then input this code 9949, then press OK button on RF MODULATION, press Ok on MODULATION. Then use the arrow key to change to PALG OR PAL1 AND THEN PRESS ok, go to ACCEPT THESE SETTINGS and then press OK. Press Exit 3 times to clear the screen. You should know that you can adjust the PAL1 or PALG setting on your TV not decoder.



E05 – Unknown Card  

This might be caused by incorrect smartcard which is inserted or the smartcard was inserted incorrectly or has dust on it. To solve this, remove the smartcard, make sure that the dut is being removed, then you can re-insert it making the chip to face downward and the arrow to face the decoder. After you must have re-inserted it, you can now reboot the decoder.

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