Glo Customer Care: How To Use The Glo World Customer Service Platform And All You Must Know About Glo Gista Plan

At Glo Nigeria Plc, They value each and every customer. You are more than just a number to them as they usually say; you are their most valuable asset. This is the reason they invest a lot of time and resource into all their Customer Care Departments and platforms. Their call centers are open 24/7 to ensure that they are always available and ready to attend to all your requests as they come. The walk-In Gloworld shops, is known to provide you with physical interface for them to interact with you in person while solving your challenges or providing other services you require all at a time.

Glo Customer Care And All Their Contact Numbers

The phone-in Call Centre is the hub of their customer service. It available at all time and functions twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, as ther answer all enquiries and also provide after sales support on the phone. Globacom Nigeria are known to have a vibrant workforce of Trained, talented individuals with wealth of skills in English Language and other major languages in Nigeria and offer specialized Call Centres for all Postpaid and BlackBerry Customers across the country. Glo Call Centres as a practice ensure that they attend to and resolve all customer issues as at when due, efficiently and as professional as possible, from all information and enquiries, to requests or complaints.

In case you require help or assistance in any way, please feel free to contact the Call center on 121 or 151, or simply send an email to  You can also reach them on +229-98-030-151 or +229-98-121-121.


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How To Use The Glo Self Service To Resolve Issues

For quick response and resolutions kindly dial 121 on your phone and follow the voice directive. The voice will direct you to swiftly resolve any of your issues by following the command as directed by the system. Further unresolved question through the self care option could be directed to any of their customer representatives.


Glo Gista Plan And All You Must Know

Below are the features and what we stand to gain as customers using the Glo Gista Package. Kindly see the benefits below



  • Calls @ 0.6F/sec after the first minute of the day
  • Calls @ 0.45F/sec to 5 frequently called Friends & Family numbers
  • Glo Time offer of 50% discount on calls made from 1pm to 3pm, every day
  • Night calls at 0.05F/sec from 11pm to 6am


Customers can opt-in for Glo Gista by dialing *133#.

Subscription charge of 100F will apply.

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