UBA USSD Transfer Code: How To Use For Different Transactions And All You Must Know

It’s no longer news that all banks are launching a mobile USSD each to ensure a safe, convenient, fast and secure transactions at anytime from anywhere. This is giving much control of the account to the customers in that they can carry out transactions without going to the bank or ATM spot. They just authorize a transaction at will without a banker’s input.


United Bank for Africa like every other bank willing to satisfy her numerous customers have developed a mobile money transfer code which makes it easy for her subscribed customers to perform any transaction through the provided USSD right from the comfort of their office, street, home or anywhere. At the moment, UBA remains one of the oldest and most reliable banks in Nigeria. With UBA mobile money USSD code, you can carry out various transactions such as airtime recharge, bills payment, fund transfer etc. The UBA transfer USSD is *919#.


Features Of The USSD Code

  1. It is fast and safe
  2. It works on all phone types
  3. You can access your account time with the code
  4. You don’t need to visit bank or ATM to carry out transactions
  5. You can view mini statement of account.
  6. It works with the registered mobile number i.e phone number registered with the account.


Functions Of The USSD Code

  1. Account opening
  2. Account balance enquiry
  3. Transfer of fund (intrabank and interbank)
  4. Mini statement view
  5. Airtime recharge (For self and others)
  6. Bills payment.


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Account Opening Processes

To open a UBA account via the UBA transfer USSD, simply follow the following steps;

  1. Dial *919#
  2. Select option 1
  3. Choose the type of account you want to open whether sayings or current. Select the corresponding number in the prompt
  4. The next prompt will ask you if you have a Bank verification number (BVN), if yes, select the corresponding number.
  5. The following prompt will ask you to input your BVN.
  6. You will then enter your name and other bio
  7. You will after that create a PIN which you will henceforth use to confirm and authorize your transactions.

After these steps, if the process is successful, you will get a notification containing your bank account number. You can now begin to use your bank account.



Fund Transfer

To transfer money via the UBA transfer USSD, from a registered number associated with your bank account, kindly follow the following steps;

  1. Dial *919# from on your mobile phone.
  2. From the list of the prompt, select option 5
  3. From the prompt, select payment method either via UBA account or UBA prepaid card
  4. If you choose your account, enter the amount and follow through the prompts to make payment.


Other Transactions

For other transactions, below are the common transactions;

Account balance enquiry, dial 9192#

For airtime purchase, dial 9194#

To view your last five transactions, dial 9193#


For each of the above listed transactions, kindly follow through the prompts to complete the transactions.

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