StarTimes is a private electronics and media company established in 1988 having headquarters in Beijing, China, and a strong presence in Africa. StarTimes provides satellite television and digital terrestrial television services to its teeming subscribers. StarTimes also offers digital television technologies to television broadcasting industries and countries switching to digital television from analog.


They are the leading Digital TV-operator across sub-Saharan Africa. StarTimes entered the African market and disrupted the traditional model of TV industry by making Pay-tv inexpensive for every family and not only to the elite. StarTimes operates in 30 countries and serves more than 20million users.



How To Get A StarTimes Decoder

Getting a StarTimes decoder is practically easy. Just find any dealer shop, supermarket or StarTimes Business halls near you and make your purchase.



Recently, StarTimes just came up with a new development. Before this time, subscriptions were done only on a monthly basis. From now on users can officially pay for a daily plan. The company announced a pay by day or pay per view starting from November 1st on its Twitter page.

The company also announced a pay per view option for Nigerians. With a daily subscription as low as #60 daily and an access to 40 channels at #300, subscribers no longer have any reason to miss their favorite programs anymore.


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Activating And Subscribing To StarTimes Pay Per Day(PPD)

Let me put it to you this way, the company is offering quality entertainment on a package that allows you watch your favorite shows for #60 only.

  • From an outlet: If you need the package, just know that there is no specific code for PPD and you can recharge from pay per day from any of StarTimes outlet near you.
  • Paying online: You can also pay online through the OneCard.
  • Mobile applications: Download the StarTimes App which is available on iOS and android stores.
  • Through your bank (GTB): To do this, use the phone number registered to your StarTimes decoder which is also linked to your bank and your StarTimes Smart card number.

For example, when subscribing for a day’s plan on the Nova bouquet which cost #60, just dial *737*37*60*smart card number# and send. Do this on any StarTimes bouquet you will like to start with.



Breakdown of StarTimes Pay per day 

This is one of the best subscription ever launched since it fits your budget. You can say bye to paying for one month if you want to. See below for a full breakdown of the PPD for each bouquet on StarTimes which includes fees per day, fees per week and fees per month on all bouquets.

*. Startimes Nova: For the Nova bouquet, DTT (Antenna) Plan, you will pay N60 per day, N300 per week and N900 per one month, and get 30+ channels.

*. Startimes Basic: For the Basic bouquet, DTT (Antenna) Plan, you will pay N90 per day and N450 per week, N1,300 per one month, to get 60+ channels.

*. Startimes Classic: For the Classic bouquet, DTT (Antenna) Plan, you will pay N180 per day, N900 per week, N2,600 per one month, to get access to 75+ channels.

*. Startimes Unique: For the Unique Bouquet, DTT (Antenna) Plan, you will pay N240 per day, N1,300 per week, N3,800 per one month, and receive 90+ channels.

*. Startimes Smart: For StarTimes Smart Bouquet, DTT (Antenna) Plan, you will pay N120 daily, N600 per week and N1,900 per month, and you receive 85+ channels.

*. Startimes Super: For the Super Bouquet, DTT (Antenna) Plan, you will pay N240 per day, N1,200 per week and N3,800 per month, to receive 120+ channels.

To get more information on how activate and pay for bouquets, go to

Nothing stops you now from getting the best of world class Entertainment from StarTimes.


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