Gotv Mobile App: How To Download And Use The Mobile Walka Device

Do you as a customer need to set a reminder for your favorite series on the GOtv Platform? This App makes it easy for all the users on the platform to monitor games and other activities that are available week in week out.  assistance is here with the new GOtv App. Use your phone or other devices to examine your favorite shows, set reminders, share content together with your social networks, and access the Eazy Self Service Platform. it’s the right companion to your favorite TV network, obtaining you deeper in on the action, with elaborate news and highlights and a full interactive TV Guide made available.

The App also made it possible for you to Filter the TV guide to indicate solely your favorite channels and dive deeper into the content than ever before.

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How To Download Gotv Mobile App For Android Devices

Step1. For all Android users, kindly click on this download link

Step2. On the download page, you would find a download button which would aid the download process.

Step3. Once the download is complete, you then proceed to lunch the application on your device.



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How To Use The Dstv/Gotv Mobile App

The Mobile App is a mode of a map prepared by Multi-choice with the sole objective to communicate the intention and programs of multichoice to their customers across the continent.


To use this App, once you have downloaded and installed the App. Double click on the it where ever you have saved it on your device. Please it is advisable to get a dstv walka to have a smooth and stress free experience watching programs on the Dstv/Gotv platform.


Once you have paid your subscription on the decoder, you don’t need to PAY ANY extra charges to watch the Gotv/Dstv Mobile otherwise known as the Walka.



How To Activate Your Gotv Mobile Device After Purchase

Step1. Make sure the device is fully charged.

Step2. You need to extend out the antenna for better network reception.

Step3. SMS the following format to this short code 4688 (ACTM CASnumber Yourphonenumber).

Step4. Your CAS Number begins with 4 and this can be located at the back of your Gotv Mobile  Devices.

Step5. See the SMS instance here… ACTM 4356778 09099999999.

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  1. pls am recharge my Gotv yesterday night #1350 from anther person account and debit the account, recharge was successful but my Gotv is not sucribe since then, later this morning am also recharge another #1350 my own account also debit but is still doing the same thing pls help resolve the issue and split the money for month march and April, this my iuc number 2022418648 thanks


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