Paga Agent: How To Get The Registration Form, The Requirements And All You Must Know

Becoming A Paga agent

Thousands of Nigerians wish they could earn more money and are persistently in search of supplementary jobs to do which won’t consume time but would bring in some revenue. Are you one of them? Find out how to become a Paga agent in Nigeria. This extra job has the potential of improving your financial situation.


About Paga

Paga is the payment system that allows Nigerians to transfer funds using their smartphones.  Paga is a simple and fast method of sending money to any geographic location in Nigeria, and receive money from different countries.  Paga is always in search of agents to increase their number of agents all over the country.  This means you can join this organization by becoming a Paga agent.




As an agent, working with clients is what you do, so it is better if you have your own line of business or you work with people already.  Every agent is required to perform the following task;

– Register new clients.

– Offer help to users.

– Complete financial transactions of your clients if they want you to.

-Help users to load cash into their account.

– Help users to withdraw.


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Paga agents earn money through offering their company’s services in their own communities in Nigeria.  There are many benefits of becoming an agent.  To begin with, you receive a commission for every transaction performed by your client.  Next, you will participate in the trainings organized by Paga. Furthermore, your own business receives a boost and higher foot traffic thanks to your own partnership with Paga.



How To become A Paga Agent

Find below a detailed guide on how to become a Paga agent in any city in Nigeria.

1)  Go to the only official website that cover’s Paga company at

2)  The site has a lot of valuable information on its homepage. Read reviews and see how this whole proposal works and everything it promises. Whenever you are ready begin by opening an account, click on the ‘ get started’ (top right corner of the website) or ‘ get started now’.

3)  Click on the FAQ (frequently asked questions) link at the bottom of the website you will find two sections for customers and agents.

4) Click on the ‘agents’ icon and you will be informed that for Paga registration all interested agents are to mail their requests directly to Endeavour to include your full name and contact details in your email letter.

5) After sending your email, a local representative of Paga from your area will reach out to you and will send further instructions to you on becoming an agent of Paga.

Note: Registration cost 20,000 naira to sign up for this service.  This is a one time fee to pay to start offering services to clients and earning your commission on each transaction made by your customers on the Paga platform.

That is how to become a Paga agent in Nigeria, with a bit of hard work, it could become a profitable and successful money making venture. Becoming an independent retailer offers multiple benefits.  This knowledge is a great advantage for anyone who wishes to develop, grow and attain some levels of financial freedom.

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