Gotv Wallet: How To Check Subscription, Recharging And All You Must Know

In Nigeria, GoTV happens to be one of the most affordable TV Decoders and also provides a lot of amazing movie and music channels to their subscribers.
It has been said that majority of average salary earners in Nigeria depend on GoTV because of its affordable subscription plans.

Some time ago, for anyone to renew their TV subscription, they will have to visit any of the service providers’ offices and then purchase a scratch card, but now it has become very easy.
Now from the comfort of your house, you can renew your GoTV subscription in less than 30 minutes.

Here is how to check subscription and recharge GoTV via the GoTV wallet and other payment channel

The GoTV Recharge Through GoTV Self Service 

Just follow the steps below:
• go to  

• ensure your decoder is switched on.
• Then click on the Pay Link

They will provide the option to either pay for your GoTV account or Someone’s account.
• Then choose your preferred account.
• input your Surname or mobile number in the first field that is provided.
• input your IUC number

• Then click on Login.
After which, a secured payment page will be displayed, just fill in all the details and then proceed to make your payment

The GoTV Payment Through Quickteller

• You need to switch on your decoder.
• visit
• choose the GoTV bouquet you want (GoTV or GoTVplus).
• put your e-mail address, your IUC number, and then enter your phone number.
• And click on NEXT.
• Type in your name.
• Then confirm that your IUC number is correct.
• After which, click PAY and click choose your debit card type (Verve, Interswitch or MasterCard)
• fill your card details
• then click on PAY.
Once the transaction is successful, your viewing will be restored.

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The GoTV Recharge Through eTranzact

Through eTranzact, you can pay for your GoTV subscription either through your bank account, online or via mobile phone.

If want to pay on mobile (which is without internet connection)

• just dial *389*9*smartcardnumber# from any phone and follow the prompts.

And to Pay online:

• visit the GOTV website
• then select Country, put your Smart card number and then click the VERIFY button.
• Then click on VIEW BALANCE AND PAY to proceed to the payment page that shows the date and the amount due for payment.
• You should click on PAY to proceed to the Payment Subscription page that shows the Account Holder’s details.
• You need to choose eTranzact Payment Option and then BankIT.

• put in your Bank account number and select the preferred Bank.
• You need to generate a 6-digit passcode and then submit details
• next, dial *389*00# with your registered bank phone number to receive an OTP.
• You need to enter the OTP in the space provided and click PAY.

The GoTV Recharge Through Eazy Money Wallet

You can make GoTV payment using your Eazy Money mobile wallet online via

For you to make payment, just enter your mobile number and the Eazy money PIN. 

In case you don’t have an Eazy money wallet, you can register at any Zenith Bank branch near you.

The GoTV Recharge Through GlobaPAY

For you to make an online payment for your GoTV subscription through GlobalPAY, just visit and then log into your account.

You should go to the PAY page and choose GlobalPAY
then fill in your payment details as required and then you should click on Complete Payment And after which, you will be redirected to the GlobalPAY website where you will be asked to select your Card Type and then put your Card Number and then click on Pay.

Once done, you will be redirected back to your account on the GoTV Eazy website.

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