GT Bank Dollar MasterCard: How to Get The Cards, Transaction Charges and All You Must Know

GT Bank [Guarantee Trust Bank] as one of the fast-moving bank expanding in a wide and competitive space in the banking system has, in recent times, introduced the GT Bank Dollar MasterCard to Nigeria and other countries in which their branches dominates.


Its black colour is in contrast with its prototype – which is the usual ATM card in its orange colour. Having the GT Bank Dollar MasterCard would always come in handy when you do online shopping or when making transactions. The key benefits and features of the GT Bank MasterCard is clear in three words/phrase;

  • Convenience: When shopping online, the use of GT Bank Dollar MasterCard never causes worriment or quandry. It is easy to use, accessible and fool-proof
  • Safe and
  • No limitation when spending: No stricture for spending when shopping online. However, when withdrawing with GT Bank dollar card at a cash point or from a Automated Teller Machine, it is restricted to only withdraw $1000 only.

In this article, as you read, you’ll get to know more about the card, how you can obtain the card, the charges, and all you must know in concise expression.


How To Get The GT Bank Dollar MasterCard

Getting the GT Bank Dollar MasterCard is easy and stress-free. Nonetheless, you have to follow the procedures and requirement to easily get the Dollar MasterCard. By doing so, it is simply stress-free and easy to obtain.

To get the Dollar MasterCard from GT bank in Nigeria, you will need to have a domiciliary account, because having a domiciliary account with them will do much favour. To get the Dollar MasterCard, there are currently only two options to choose in deciding to obtain or request the MasterCard.  To request the MasterCard, the two options available to obtain the card are;

  • Local Branch: Visit any nearby GT Bank branch and make enquiries from the customer care unit. You will be asked to fill a Dollar MasterCard request form.
  • GT Bank internet/mobile banking: By using this means, go through the following procedure to make a request for the GT Bank Dollar MasterCard.
    • Login to account
    • Click on CARDS
    • Select Dollar Card Request from the top-down menu

After making the request, note that your card will be available at the specified branch within a week. Thereafter, you’ll need to activate the cards after requesting.

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How To Activate The GT Bank Dollar MasterCard

Activating your GT Bank MasterCard is necessary after requesting if you want to enjoy the use of the card. To activate the MasterCard, you will necessarily need to call their customer care support line or GTConnect (contact details are as seen below). During the time of which you are contacting them, you’ll be asked some series of questions for security purpose. You’ll be asked about the card details and some personal information. Thereafter, after providing them the necessary details, you’ll be told to wait for about or over an hour to get your card readily activated.

Moreover, after your card has been activated, you’ll need to approach one of the bank’s staff in charge of changing card pin, and you’ll be given direction on what to do to get the pin changed to your desired choice. Also note that to check your account balance via ATM, you will have to select your current account instead of the savings account, and then after which you will be able to view your account balance. GT Bank Card Services unit contact details: Phone: +234 7004 8266 6328, Email:



How to Fund a GT Bank Dollar MasterCard 

To fund a GT Bank Dollar MasterCard, it is easily done with the mobile banking for a good option or a domiciliary account could also be used. While funding a GT Bank Dollar MasterCard via domiciliary acount, you can do such by either deposit or direct transfer.  Below is how to use mobile banking to fund the GT Bank Dollar MasterCard.

  • With the GT Bank mobile app, login to account and go to Transfers and withdrawals
  • Click on to Own Accounts
  • Click on Current Account
  • Click on MasterCard/Visa debit card
  • Enter the total funds you desire to transfer and then click on OK

Your GT Bank Master Card will get funded after performing the action.


Dollar MasterCard Charges

  • The charge for card request is N6,155  which will be deducted from specified account.
  • Withdrawals from ATMs warrants to $3.50 by the service providers/$3.50 per withdrawal from Automated Teller Machines.
  • $18 annual maintenance fee for card applies.
  • Maximum withdrawal limit from ATMs is $1000


What You Need to Know

  • GT Bank Dollar MasterCard is only available to those having GT Bank domiciliary account with any worldwide or foreign currency.
  • GT Bank Dollar MasterCard is not linked with domiciliary account.
  • After requesting and obtaining the GT Bank Dollar Master Card, you’ll personally own your card account number which is different from your bank account number.
  • Individuals with savings account cannot obtain the card unless they own a domiciliary account. However, if you own a savings account with GTB and you don’t have money in your domiciliary account, you can still obtain the card while you will be charged in the naira currency for the card fee from your savings or current account.
  • For individual who don’t have a domiciliar account, the requirements needed to open an account is; a USD domiciliary account form that has been completely filled by the individual making a request, a recent passport photograph, a recent utility bill, copy of driver’s liscence, international passport or national ID card and a minimum opening balance of $50.

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