List Of Tecno And Infinix Fingerprint Phones With Other Features

The fingerprint phone feature is a phone security feature that enables the user to lock the mobile device with his or her fingerprint. This feature is the latest selling feature of mobile phones. With this feature, no other person can unlock your mobile device because no other person has your fingerprint in the world.


This fingerprint feature is normally placed behind the mobile device at the upper central location just a little bit below the rear camera. This position is believed to be the best placement as it will be convenient to unlock the device without having to turn the device when you hold it in the usage posture.


This feature first appear on Toshiba G500 mobile phone and later other mobile phone manufacturers began to thread in the fingerprint feature path. Apple, Samsung, Techno, Infinix etc all have lots of mobile devices with this great feature. In this piece, we shall list out the mobile device produced by Techno and Infinix mobile. These two brands have really gone far and wide in Africa as a whole. They have both supplied very great mobile devices making them to be at the frontiers mobile phone devices in Africa.

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Tecno Phones With Fingerprint Feature

So if you are seeking to have a list of fingerprint enhanced mobile device, we have got you covered in this piece especially on Techno and Infinix mobile devices. Lets begin with the Techno mobile. In the last two years, Techno mobile has launched several mobile devices with the fingerprint feature and these include:

Techno Phantom 6 Plus

Techno Phantom 5

Techno Camon CX

Techno Camon CX Air

Techno PhonePad 3

Techno L9 Plus

Tecno Spark K7

Techno Spark Plus K9

Techno L9

Techno W5

Tecno WX4

Techno i5 Pro

Techno i7



Infinix Phones With Fingerprint Feature

Interestingly, Infinix mobile also has number of device with this great features. Here is a list below;

Infinix Hot 4

Infinix Hot S

Infinix S2 Pro

Infinix Hot 4 Pro

Infinix Note 3 Pro

Infinix Hot S2 Pro

Infinix Note 4 Pro

Infinix Note 3

Infinix Note 4

Infinix Zero 4

Infinix Zero 4 Plus


These mobile phones listed under both Techno and Infinix mobile are not really cheap, guess you have to pay for the latest technology after all. The lowest of these device is about N30,000. They all have Android OS of not less than Android 5.1 Lollipop with most of them having 5 inches and above screen size. It is also noted that majority of these devices have a battery capacity of 3000mAh and above. All of these other features shows that devices with the fingerprint feature are Android devices with a difference.


You may check out these devices at any mobile phone outlet close to you to see which one fits your budget and your need. You can be sure all of them are really trending. In case you are thinking of getting one that will suit your personality.

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