Current Cost Of Clearing Cars In Lagos Port Nigeria, The Requirements And All You Must Know

Clearing of cars at the Nigerian port can never be easy. The sea is always congestion and full of people doing different activities. Most of these people you see at the Nigerian port, are there with the aim of defrauding unsuspecting victims. However, by following the proper rules and methods of clearing imported items like your car, you will at least not fall in the hands of these thieves in uniforms.



Procedure For Clearing Imported Cars

  1. Get an Accredited Custom Clearing Agent.

There are certain government rules and regulations that makes it impossible for you to clear your cars by yourself.

This boils down to the fact that you would need the assistance of an accredited customs clearing officer. This agent would see to all the process and ensure that your car is properly cleared. He is to visit the various agencies associated with the clearing of cars and ensure that your papers are properly processed in due time.

This clearing agent would offers his or her service in a negotiable amount.



  1. Examination Of Your Car And Payment Of Import Duties

This can be defined as the clearing itself. This is where you have to pay the necessary fees.

To ensure that you get cleared easily, you have to provide all the necessary documents, including those acquired in step one. This documents would be taken by your agent to the NPA office to get the neccesary info on the import charges and other major stuffs.


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Here Are The Documents That You Would Require For Your Clearance

Original bill of lading or telex release

Attested Invoices

Packing list

Insurance certificate.


Cost Of Clearing Your Imported Cars

First, you will have to pay the custom agent running the process for you.

Secondly, you will have to pay your import duties which could be up to Two million Naira (2,000,000NGN) depending on the value of your car.

Then, you will also have to pay the shipping company that brought your car for you.

It is advisable you have enough money at hand in order to solve unplanned expenses.

After all inspection and payment, the shipping company would give you your car.



This is the process you need to follow to get your cars cleared and all the fees.

Immediately you have been given the amount of your Import Duties, the next step is to pay. Your agent should help you do that at the approved bank. After this, your car would be subject to inspection by the concerned agencies.

However, you need to be careful of dubious custom agents that would like to steal your car or money. Make sure you follow up the entire process thoroughly to avoid falling into these pit holes.

Make sure you do all the required procedure right because this agencies concerned with importation do cease some goods because of slight mistake, and you may never get it back from them.

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