Gtbank Quick Credit: How To Obtain The Loans, Requirements And The Repayment Plans With Interest Rates

GTBank is a Nigerian multinational financial institution that offers internet banking, investment banking, corporate banking, retail banking, and asset management service and also operates in many countries with its headquarters in Victoria Island Lagos.

Today we will share with you all about the GTBank loan service. Please note that you can apply for this advance service if it’s needed because GTBank officials provide a very conducive and convenient protocol for this service.

The GTBank Student Loan

This GTBank student loan is a service which is offered by GTBank to students. The Bank offers school fee loans to employed parents who receive their salaries through a GTBank account for at least one month before the application will be made. However, this type of GTBank loan is applicable to students in Nigeria only.

Here Are The Requirement For Student Loan

  • All applicant should complete the application Form.
  • All applicant must have an Employer Undertaking Form.
  • All applicant must have a valid School Bill.
  • The Parent or guardian of the student must provide Proof that their salary is paid into their GTBank account.

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The GTBank Salary Advance Loan

Guarantee trust bank plc. now gives out a salary loan to their customers, this service is beneficial to only salary earners. However, with this service, Users can get their salary anytime and the service gives the users the access to take more than their salaries which they can pay later. This loan service is a very good opportunity for all salary earner that would need money before their payday. Please also know that the applicants for this service will be given 50% extra of their salaries that they earn.

Here Are The Requirement For Salary Loan/Advance

  • All applicants must have a salary account with GTBank.
  • Your salary must be up to 25,00 that is if you are working for a public company
  • All applicants must have received their salaries from GTBank for at least three months before applying for the service.
  • Your salary must be up to 50,000 if you are working for a private company.

How To Apply For The GTBank Salary Advance Loan

For anyone to apply for this service, there are two basic methods involve. You can either apply through the GTBank official web portal or you download the pdf and then submit the form to any GTBank branch.

For those applying through the official GTBank website.

  • You should open your browser and visit the official web portal for GTBank loan.
  • You should then click on the internet banking button and log in your account but in case you are yet to register for internet banking account, then copy this link  to your browser.

  • Once you are on your account dashboard, then click on the salary advance option and follow the on-screen instruction.

For Those Applying By Filling The Form And Submitting To Any GTBank Branch For Completion 

The GTBank loan service has helped many people, there is still a chance for you to apply now and enjoy the benefits of the GTBank loan service.

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