How To Calculate Cut Off Mark For Ekiti State University And All You Must Know

The Ekiti State University is located in Iworoko Road, Ado Ekiti. It is situated in the State Capital alongside its federal counterpart, University of Ado Ekiti. The institution offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and has a total of ten faculties including the Faculty of Law, Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Faculty of Clinical Sciences, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Management Science, Faculty of Social Science, Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Education. It is currently headed by its Vice Chancellor Professor Samuel Oye Bandele and the students and other inhabitants of Ado Ekiti fondly call the school EKSU.


If you have chosen the University, be rest assured that you have made a good choice and that you are going to have fulfilling academic years ahead. However, to gain entrance into the institution, you must first meet the basic requirements for getting in. One of this is the Jamb cut off mark requirement. This is why we have put this piece together to talk about the Ekiti State University cut off mark for Jamb, how to calculate it and everything else you must know.



Ekiti State University Jamb Cut Off Mark

The general Jamb cut off mark for Ekiti State University is 180 marks but some departments have stipulated a different cut off mark  for candidates seeking to take their programmes. This stipulated marks is in accordance with their standard and there is no hope that they will be reduced at any time. So to be on a safe side, all candidates must meet the cut off mark or exceed it if possible. Some of the departmental cut off marks are as follows:

  1. Medical Sciences – 180 marks
  2. Engineering courses – 200 marks
  3. Agricultural courses – 180 marks
  4. Medicine – 240 marks
  5. Law – 240 marks
  6. Education courses – 180 marks
  7. Pharmacy – 240 marks


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How To Calculate EKSU Post Utme Aggregate

We have discussed the post utme aggregate score on this blog prior to this time. But you must know that the method of calculating it is different from one school to another. Here is how to calculate your post utme aggregate score for Ekiti State University.


Divide your Jamb score by 8; then divide your post utme score by 30 and multiply this by 50.


When you add the two scores, you get a percentage over hundred. This means that your Jamb score is calculated over 50 and your post utme score is calculated over 50 as well.

For example; if Felix scores 230 in his Jamb examination and 20 in his post utme examination, his post utme aggregate score will be calculated as follows:

To calculate his Jamb score:  230/8 = 29

To calculate his post utme score:  (20/30) × 50 = 33

Add the two scores together thus: 29 + 33 = 62.

Felix’s aggregate score is 62%.


You must know that if you arrive at anything less than fifty marks then you are not qualified for admission into the Ekiti State University. As a result, you must do your best to score above your stipulated Jamb cut off mark and also to score a high mark in your post utme examinations.

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