How To Enroll And Study Masters In Public Health In Canada

A major inter-disciplinary line of study in the general faculty of life sciences is PUBLIC HEALTH. This course of study deals with the managing and ensuring a country’s health qualitatively by making sure that adequate information is passed on to the populace on preventive medication as well as on-the-ground public enlightenment campaigns on healthy living. Upon successfully completing this line of study, graduates of Public Health department are qualified to work in health research, pharmaceuticals, nursing, NGOs etc.

Prospective students who want study further for their post graduate programme in Public Health in Canada should know that with one of the strongest world economies, Canada enjoys a pretty high standard of living and a profoundly trusted university system. This article will provide an incisive information on course institutions that offer post-graduate programmes in Public Health along with duration and tuition fees.


Prospective graduate students wishing to pursue a post graduate programme in any university in Canada must have it at the back of their mind that other than meeting admission requirements for their university of choice, students must also sit for and pass the IELS test (Enlish Test for International Students).


All Candidates Wishing To Apply For Study In Canadian Universities Should Follow The Instructions And Procedures Below

i. Visit the university of choice’s website


ii.Download and fill the post graduate admission entry form from the website, either online or offline.


iii. If online click submit on the website to forward the form yo the appropriate authorities for scrutiny. If download and filled hard copy filled forms should sent by post to the school’s admissions office in Canada awaiting reply.


iv. If prospective candidates get accepted to study, the university will issue an acceptance letter either by email or by Post.


v. After this, the candidate is free to begin Visa processing.


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Below listed are five of Canada’s best universities that offer a MASTERS in Public Health programme for international students.


  1. Concordia University College:

Concordia University College situated in the Canadian city of Alberta, offers a 3 year online Post Graduate Certificate in Public Health. The study also involves how to tackle discrimination in society when handling public health issues to make sure everyone has equity to quality public health services. Tuition for for each module is $772.


  1. University of British Columbia:

Sited in Vancouver, the University of British Columbia offers a post graduate programme for prospective candidates who wish to earn a Master’s Degree in Population and Public Health. The programme is basically research oriented and lasts for 2-3 years, study is done on-campus and the tuition fee for the programme yearly goes for $6622.


  1. University of Alberta:

University of Alberta is situated in Edmonton and offers a 4 year post graduate programme in General Public Health. The programme study is on-campus with tuition fee at $4171 per year.


  1. Lakehead University:

Lakehead University offers prospective candidates a Master’s in Public Health programme which lasts for 2 years. Courses are taken both online and On-campus with tuition fee standing at $10724 yearly.


  1. Athabasca University:

Athabasca University offers an online Masters in Health Studies programme which is also akin to Public Health study. The programme lasts for 2 years and tuition fee stands at $1292 per module.



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