How To Get A Free Tinted Glass Permit In Nigeria, The Application Process, Cost And All You Must Know

The Nigerian police force has made it compulsory for anyone whose intention is to make use of car with tinted glass to get a permit from any of their police station close to them. To get the Nigerian police force tinted glass permit is very easy and free if you follow the right steps, even though you would need to be patient and wait a little longer for them to release the tinted glass permit to you.

However, you can decide to use a third party (agent) to request for the permit. To hire an agent to process your tinted glass permit for you, could cost you money which ranges from N10,000 and above.



How To Get Your Own Tinted Glass Permit From The Nigerian Police Force

  • You would need to visit the Nigeria police force web portal if you really want to register for a tinted glass permit. You can do this via
  • You will need to fill in all required data
  • Make sure all the information you are filling are correct
  • After you must have fill in all information correctly, you can then click the submit button
  • You will be given a login password automatically, which you change when you are logged in
  • Your next step would be to upload your driver’s license and car ownership proof
  • You will be required to put in your car insurance number before you can then upload all the document on the required page


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  • You will need to click on the submit button and then print the page
  • You should submit the printed copy to any Nigerian police head office close to you
  • Once you are at their office, you will need to do the following:
  • Go to the police head office ICT department and provide them with your print out. You will be told to register again for capturing and for the biometric of your finger
  • After you must have been done with the capturing process, you will be given a paper which says ‘’UNDER PROCESSING WITH SIGNATURE & DATE’’.
  • You are advised to always login to the web portal from time to time, to know when the tinted glass permit will be approved



Here Are Thing You Must Know About The Laws Governing Tinted Glass Permit

Referring to section 1 of the prohibition of tinted glass Act, ‘’Except with the permission of the appropriate authority designated for the purpose of this and for such good cause as may be determined from time to time by the appropriate authority, no person shall cause any glass fitted on a motor vehicle to be tinted, or shaded, or coloured lightly or thickly, or darkened, or treated in any other way, so that the persons or object in the motor vehicle are rendered obscure or invisible.’’

The section 3 of the same Act states that ‘’ anyone who imports a vehicle with tinted glasses into the country is allowed to change the glasses within a period of ninety days, anyone who decides to drive around in a tinted glass vehicle without a permit is committing an offence. The penalty is a fine of fifty thousand naira or a maximum of six month imprisonment or both.’’

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