In this eye opening review we would be looking at Prepaid Electricity Meter Recharge Processes as Electricity Tariff we know varies across board in different countries with Nigeria no an exemption in this worldwide trend. The Prepaid Meter is a new innovation in Nigeria, which most people including myself see as a messiah as this has clearly been an eye opener to our years of heavy Rip-off by the Discos in the past. With this new development you only get charged for whatever you use as against the previous practice where the Then PHCN Officials comes to your Apartment to take your Meter Readings every other month.

The dark days are over and the new era in the Power Sector is here but this has not gotten to everybody in the country as at yet. However the fair average that presently enjoy this “Luxury” all around the country, have most times given a positive feedback in favour of this new Technology which does not give room to Estimated Billing practice that is most common with the old System. In this post we will be carefully looking at various ways we stand to benefit from this new technology, its Pons and Cons and most importantly how to recharge and Load the Cards On the Prepaid Meter Machine.


How To Purchase Prepaid Meter Power Credit Online And In The Outlets

  1. Visit any of the dealer Outlets or the Dico Offices nationwide with your meter card.
  2. On getting to the agent’s shop, provide the card which would carry your Meter number as well.
  3. Presently the 100 units of credits goes for 2,300 Naira only in all the outlets which if well utilized would be for A Month and Half. However you can decide to buy as much as you can afford.
  4. Once the account is credited, you would be provided with a 20 digit codes that comes along with your receipt.
  5. The 20 Digit is the recharge code to be entered through the UIU Keyboard



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How To Recharge The Meter Using The 20 Digits Recharge Codes Of Units Bought

  1. Ensure that the control box is connected to a power source or alternatively, batteries can be inserted at the back of the box incase of power failure.
  2. Once the box is powered on, now enter the 20 digit recharge code for activation. The codes will be displayed on the UIU LCD Screen as you type.
  3. If the Token is incorrect or mistakenly typed, Kindly press the Red Button to cancel the activation. Otherwise if the Token is correct, Press the green button to activate the code and recharge.
  4. If the Token entered is correct, the screen will display “ACCEPT” which mean that the recharge was successful.
  5. If the screen displays “REJECT” then it means that the code was not accepted and the recharge FAILED. This may occur if you have entered a wrong or invalid recharge code, you may need to check again and retry.


How To Check Meter Number, Balance And The Total Credit Used

All these information are very vital to user to enable keep records and make sure they utilize their credit efficiently.

To check Meter Number press 65 then the blue button, the meter number is the 11 digit numbers that displays on the screen.

To Check Balance PRESS “07” on the keypad and then press the blue button. The available balance will be displayed in this format. (102.12).

To Check the credit used so far PRESS 07 on the keypad and press the blue button, then wait for the reply to be displayed as shown above.



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How To Settle Outstanding Debt On The New Prepaid Meter

This applies to those who probably have backlogs of debt on the old meter billing system but just got their Prepaid Meter. Trust me The debt will not just be forgotten. However it would be spread over a certain period of time to make the payment seamless and not hitting too hard on our budget.

We hope this information was helpful. Please feel free to ask any question as regards this post or any of our posts and be sure to get a quick response from us as quickly as possible.



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  2. Is token transferable from one meter to another

    1. Hi George
      Recharge token is not transferable once it is loaded on one device.

  3. How do I load on the new mojec&microstar customer interface unit? I’ve typed in the token code but it’s giving me Lint error code. When I try to check for available credit or even meter number, it gives me an err-06 error code. What do I need to do?

    1. Hi Princess,
      Please call the nearest IKEDC to your for further assistance.

  4. Please I want to know the code number that I will use to load,because my meter is faulty.

    1. Hi Barry,
      you don’t need any code to load your meter, just enter the recharge PIN you Purchased. as described above.

      1. d button of my prepaid meter is not pressing for d past 2 days now and av being calling d customer care line and I was told dey will rectify d issue for me , up till today nw am not seeing any solution to dat. There is power supply in my area except my flat is annoying

      2. How can I load my pin online since d button of my prepaid meter is not pressing

        1. I want to load my prepaid online using my internet apps

  5. I tried buying the token from quicteller and it kept saying the, “The meter number you entered is invalid”. Does it mean we cannot use the online plafrom the recharge a prepaid meter?

    1. Hi Ifeoluwa,
      Sorry for the trouble. I would advise you recharge at the closest Agent close to you. Check the list of agents here

  6. can I transfer credit from one meter to another

    1. No. Credit bought are not transferable.

      1. How can I check the total sum of amount I loaded for a month

  7. Please what does L int error mean?

    1. Also what does error 6 mean.

  8. Please how do I borrow 5units for my meter

  9. I just packed into an apartment, though met light on so after a week the it went off, so I took the card to disco office and they discovered their debt on it that I can’t have light until I cleared the debt of what I know nothing about……pls how do I go about it pls?

    1. Please call the nearest office to your for proper direction on your request.

      1. What code should use to use my emergency credit because my meter is showing 11:99 and I can’t recharge my token or the meter is not accepting my token.

        1. Hi,
          Please call or visit the nearest Disco office to you for assistance.

  10. Thanks for this post.u just saved d


  11. They take longer before they get your prepaid meter registered, can I buy token online and topup before they register my meter so I can buy straight from outlet?

  12. I’ve tried to load the 20 digit but to no success. When I typed it on the little device, it gives no response. I’ve been without power for days…. How can I go about it?

  13. I am Oscar, I misplaced my mojec movable CIU and i have being trying to load it on my meter with my neighbour`s CIU but it keeps on giving me 0.00kwH. What do I do?

  14. Please could show me the procedure for recharging my meter?after dialling the code,it wasn’t loading.

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  17. Leave i load my pin and it enter cos wen I cheak my balance it says 80.10 but there is no light yet pls help

  18. how can i connect more than one flat to use one metre box and seperate UIU or reader

    1. Hi Chika,
      I am not sure this is possible. Kindly put a call through to the disco office closest to you for further clarification.

  19. how do i do connect multiple appartment to recharge independently using one prepaid metre

  20. I don’t understand why my CIU keeps giving L int error please help me out.

  21. I tried loading a card in this format RC ACCT NO PIN NO, but no resolution. It says payment not enough

  22. What trying to buy the card on my Skye bank mobile and after receiving the code I put it on the small device but there is no light yet..but what next

  23. Good day, I just got the prepaid meter installed recently and was given 20.00 credit as free. i noticed that before daybreak it was reading 7.55. That means I consumed approximately 12.45 units. How can one calculate the consumption per kwh and ensure the right usage? Also, how much does it cost for units? I expect the more you buy the cheaper it becomes? Thank you

  24. Pls how can I borrow some credit, we just park into a new apartment and there is no credit on the metre we just need to use light to9it

    1. Soory Gabriel, you cannot borrow credit on a prepaid meter.

  25. Pls, I just got a prepaid meter. It has been installed. I later want to change the location of where it was installed to another place in the same building. Hope it will not have any effect on the meter?

    What is the next step after the meter has been installed and how can I stop the postpaid bill?

    1. This is one of the questions I intended and I suppose u don’t let them just be, say sometin pls. The other is L int error, how long do we have to keep going to the nearest centers before it’s being rectified. Everything about this is suppose to b of self services, so, there is need to look into this inconveniences ASAP

  26. hello all,
    i moved into an apartment using prepaid meter,but the problem is of the previous occupant who mix placed the meter card and now the light to the apartment off before moving can i go about having light?what are the procedure please am in a confused state now .

  27. Please I misplaced the meter card where the number is, how do I manually check the meter number on the prepaid meter box?

  28. Good day, I purchased 3000 naira worth via the Diamond Bank mobile app. I got 2 20 digit tokens. One showed Bsst token and the other one showed std token. I loaded the std token first which it accepted. However when I tried loading the bsst it showed used. Pls what do I do

  29. Hello.
    Pls I just bought credit unit worth 3k and I was told to punch in 2 different sets of 20digits before punching in the real 20digits for the credit unit and all replies were REJECTED.
    Pls help.
    Thank you.

  30. I have discovered that the CIU does not connect to the meter any time the credit units is exhausted.
    Hence one cannot recharge the meter if it disconnected due to exhausted credit units.
    Is there a work around for this communication problem.
    Yes the CIU is powered and the model is H1000 mojec&microstar unit

  31. I bought subscribed N3000 on 21/11/2017 three different 20digit numbers were given after the first two, the main recharge pin has not been successful. The response is REJECT
    I bought another N1000 subscription thinking the first one is not correct the response is still REJECT.
    please what the problem is?
    Thank you sir

  32. Am also having same problem here.

  33. Pls. I need the command codes for mojec meter such as code to check account ballance, tariff and SGC.


    Ismail Ahmed

    1. The codes are listed in the post above sir.

  34. Hi,
    Please my meter keeps rejecting Token. After the meter was installed, i purchased a token and tried to load it but i got the error “reject” i tried again a couple of time and got the same result. i wrote a complaint letter to the AEDC and got no reply. Tonight, the credit got exhausted and i purchased another token online, loaded it and dot the same error message. Please, what do i do?

    1. GM Posts, For weeks now, when I plug in my CIU a red light appears above COMM, thus I cannot load. I was given a 12-digit number at EEDC which will show me ‘ACCEPT’, whereas my 20-digit recharge pin gives me the same ‘L int error’. It seems like there is no solution to it.

      1. I would suggest you go to the nearest EEDC Office with the box for proper assistance.

  35. How can i bborrow units

    1. You cannot borrow unit

  36. Try loading but after the 20 digits pin entred nothing displayed on the screen and the light is not coming on. Does it mean I have a problem with my box.

  37. My prepiad meter was recently installed. I try buying unit through each time I type in my card number,it keep telling invalid meter number. How do I check my meter number and acct balance since CIU don’t have blue button but just one red enter button

  38. Can I recharge my meter card with my phone my card just finish

  39. I have for days tried to load credit but the mojec customer interface will show Red light. Why and what can I do

  40. Pls I paid online but the 20 digit PIN disappeared before I could write it down, what do I do?

  41. Pls, how can i borrow i have run out of credit?

    1. Sorry you can’t borrow units.

  42. Please, my company got a meter card and was not able to activate it, because they requested for old NEPA bill. So, the landlord’s attention was called and he went and activated the card, paid 50k. Now the credit has finished and have been trying to recharge but they keep telling us that the meter is owing. Please how can this be rectified?

    1. Please you might have to visit the office again for assistance.

      1. Hello! We just recently hot the new digital (mojec) meter. I bought units online, punched in the digits,saw the units but no light in my house. What is the problem please?
        NB: when the meter was installed, they gave a card, I havnt taken the card to their office so nothing has been done with the card. Could it be the reason why my light isn’t working?

  43. While your post was insightful, it seems as if we won’t be getting any help from you concerning our meter issues. You could kindly edit your post to reflect that.

    1. Hi Fola,
      The post is a guide on How To Recharge, Check Balance And Other Functions On the Meter. Further assistance like we usually state should be directed to the Discos.


  44. Pls i want to load my token with another keypad,cos my keyboard is faulty

  45. Please how do I check my last recharged amount?

  46. I tried rechargin ND initially it was showing me failed ND later it showed rejected please what is the way out

    1. You need to complain this to the nearest office for proper assistance.

  47. Hello! We just recently got the new digital (mojec) meter. Recharged it online,punched in the digits,saw the units but there’s still no light in my house. Can you tell me why please??
    NB: I was given a card after the meter installation, didn’t take it to the AEDC office here so nothing was done to it.

  48. I buy 5000 naira prepaid unit from FCMB BANK
    but i didnt get token number what i do

    1. You might have to call your bank.

  49. I parked into a new apartment and the prepaid meter there I can’t locate the meter number please what can I do to get it

  50. Hi, please I would like to know the total units for #23,548.00 token. Thanks.

  51. I tried purchasing a token through my Stanbic app ,the token was sent to my phone but I mistakenly deleted the token before imputing the nos on the prepaid meter.pls, aw can I get the token back?

    1. Kindly contact your bank, they can help retrieving the code.

  52. I want to be using internet access to be checking the total recharge credit.

  53. Please I have bought unit but when try recharge it load and in the purchase card I notice 2 token number and recharge pin which one will use now.

  54. My prepaid meter is about to be forcefully exchanged for a post paid type for reasons not clear to me

  55. My prepaid meter is about to be withdrawn for a postpaid type, is it right, IBEDC, elebu area, oluyole extension, Ibadan

  56. Some truly nice stuff on this website, I love it.

  57. if we travelled for a long time and haven’t used the meter for quiet sometime…does this mean we are owing Nepa?

    what are the charges of we want to buy the next unit?

    1. Hi Yemi,
      You don’t get to pay for what you don’t consume, that is the whole essence of the Prepaid meter.

  58. Please can you help me with the prefix of all Nigerian biller (Ikeja disco, eko disco, Enugu disco, kano disco etc )prepaid meters numbers.

    For example MTN starts with 0803, 0806, 0810 … and Glo is 0805, 0811

  59. Please how can I get a prepaid meter faster because I have been requesting for one since 1 year now and I have not been able to get 1. Eko meter

  60. once i type the 20 digits code ,it shows failed on the screen

  61. Please…my office prepaid meter shows E. 5 when I tried inserting the card to load it.
    Another occupant of the office also did same….hers was f….9… didn’t display 000000 to know there was no more units on it

    1. Please call the customer care for further assistance as this might be an issue with you device.

  62. Go to the nearest office to see the customer care and make your company.

  63. Good Day. I was trying to recharge online and I saw a settlement plan being included in the payment!!
    Does it mean that debt of the previous owner was transferred to me and how do I get the total debt I will be paying?

  64. Hello
    Please can I recharge my PPM with my neighbors CIU using my Token?

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