LASU Student Profile: How To Check Student Info And Result Online

The Lagos state university is a state government owned university in Lagos, Nigeria. It is fondly referred to as LASU. The institution is a well known university which houses over 40,000 students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels scattered over the two campuses in Epe and Ojo in Lagos.


In the second semester of 2005/06 academic section, the institution began to create an online profile for her students as well as the online processing of academic results through the newly inaugurated data processing unit (DPU). The DPU was later translated to the Integrated Data Centre. As at July, 2016, the unit had created online profile for 47, 583 students via its online platform. The platform has now created much more profile for both undergraduate and postgraduate students including students who have graduated for the ease of transcript generation since the unit is saddled with that responsibility as well.



Other Things You Can Do On The Platform

There are several things that can be done on the platform, the list below talks about what students can do on the platform.

  1. Students Bio-data registration
  2. Information update for all students
  3. Viewing and printing of students online profile
  4. Checking and printing of results online as a student
  5. Viewing of admission status for prospective students
  6. Students course registration
  7. Printing of admission letter
  8. Document verification for students
  9. Online payment and printing of transaction receipts
  10. Reprinting of old course forms and new ones.


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How To Check Student Profile And Results Online

As a student of the prestigious Lagos state university, you can check your academic profile online. All that you need is your matric number and an internet enable device such as your mobile phone, laptop, desktop computer etc. Please follow the steps below to check your profile:

  1. Log on to
  2. Navigate and click on ” FULLTIME UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT”
  3. On the new page, you will be required to input your matric number to proceed. Ensure you input the correct matric number.
  4. A new page will come up displaying your profile.
  5. If you wish to view your results, kindly navigate and click on check result
  6. Select the session and semester and view the results.
  7. You may print if you desire to.


The integrated data center has been quite helpful to students as they have been able to interface with the school even at a distance. For instance, a student doesn’t have to be in school to view results or get updates, he can get that at the platform from anywhere in the world with his internet enabled device. Please note that the appearance of results online is dependent on when lecturers upload them, so it is not solely dependent on the center.


For further details, complaints or challenges experienced on the platform, kindly send an email to or you may simply visit the Integrated Data Centre, Lagos State University, Ojo Campus, Lagos, Nigeria to resolve all issues.

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