The Bank verification number is a number issued after completing the biometrics registration required by all account holder which assigns each bank depositor a unique identity. The identity then remains the same throughout every account owned by the holder as long as it is linked.

Bank verification number became compulsory as a result of its plans to promote transparency and efficiency in the banking system in Nigeria.

Also, it was introduced to enhance safety policies in the Nigerian banking system and to reduce fraudulent transactions.


BVN Registration

To register for the BVN, an account holder is required to visit any of his bank branch. Then make his way to the customer service for BVN and he/she will be given a form to fill which request for personal details of the account holder. The information is expected to be the same with the registered details on the account.

He will be required to do his finger prints and sign. After this, a unique number will be assigned to him/her as the BVN.



How To Link Your BVN With Your Accounts

Once the customer has been assigned a BVN, he/she is not expected to go through this at every his/her bank. He/she is only required to link the BVN to each of the account owned.

However, if the information used to open the other accounts are different, it is impossible to link such accounts. It is also impossible to possess two Bank verification numbers.

A customer who uses the same information to open his accounts can link his accounts with one BVN through a number of ways and they are;

Automated Teller Machine.

Internet Banking.

BVN linking portal.


Bank Branches.

Through the above listed channels, accounts can be linked with one BVN.



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Processes Through The Above Medium Step By Step

Automated Teller Machine (ATM): To use the ATM platform to link your BVN, kindly follow the steps below;

  1. Insert your debit card in the machine.
  2. Select BVN on the transaction menu.
  3. Enter your BVN number.
  4. Confirm it.
  5. Submit.


Internet banking: To link your BVN to your other accounts via internet banking, kindly follow through the steps below;

  1. Log on to the Internet banking platform
  2. Select the BVN
  3. Click on new request,
  4. Enter your BVN
  5. Select the bank where your BVN was issued
  6. Answer the secret questions
  7. Follow the instructions.


BVN portal: To link your BVN via BVN portal, kindly follow through the steps;

  1. Log on to the BVN portal
  2. Enter your Nigeria Uniform Bank Account Number ,
  3. Select the bank where you did your BVN
  4. Enter the BVN
  5. Submit.


Through SMS : To link your BVN through SMS, kindly follow the steps below;

  1. Obtain the linking number from your bank
  2. Text your BVN details to the number
  3. It will be updated.


Bank Branches: To link your BVN via bank branches means to visit any branch of your bank with the your BVN. Walk to the customer service and tell them you want to update your BVN. A form will be provided for you to fill to update it once you fill the form.


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