Western Union Nigeria: How To Track Your Funds On Western Union And All You Must Know

Western Union Nigeria is wholly owned by Western Union International who are a leader in global payment services. Started what used to be small businesses and global corporations, to families near and far away, and also to NGOs in the most remote communities on Earth, Western Union helps people and businesses move money around in a safe tunnel- to help grow economies and realize a better world.


As at 2015, they moved over $150 billion dollars for their consumer and business clients. They continue to innovate, developing new ways to send money through digital, mobile, and retail channels medium, with an array of convenient pay-out options with the objective to meet business and consumer needs.


How To Track Your Money Online With Western Union

We want to take you through step by step process of tracking your expected funds online with Western Union Money Transfer. Kindly follow along.


Step1. Click on this link… https://www.westernunion.ng/WUCOMWEB/transferStatusIntlAction.do?method=load&nextSecurePage=Y .

Step 2. On the Tracking page, there are 3 fields to fill up. MTCN Number field, Receiver’s Country field and the expected amount. Fill out and click on “Track A Transfer”.

Step3. Once the check is complete, the information about the transfer status should be reviewed.


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How To Open A Western Union Membership Account

Step1. Click on this link. https://www.westernunion.ng/WUCOMWEB/registerPersonalInfo.do?requestFrom=header&method=load

Step2. Fill out all the necessary fields on the page and click on continue once this is completed.

Step3. On the confirmation page, check and ensure that all the information you have provided are correct then submit.

Step4. The confirmation will be done through an email which would be sent to the email address you have provided during the registration phase.

Step5. A validation link would accompany the email that would be sent to you. Click on the link and complete your registration.

Step6. At this point, you can login and perform all transactions.



How To Transfer Money Using Western Union Money Transfer

To transfer funds from Nigeria to other parts of the world using western Union is shown below step by step.


Presently, Nigeria is not included in the country that can Transfer/Send Funds on the platform to other countries. However, customers In Nigeria can receive funds from participating countries who have the permission to transfer funds internationally.

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