How To Migrate To Airtel 3gb For 1000 Naira And All The Benefits

Airtel, the Smartphone Network represents one of the best networks in Nigeria and is the third largest telecommunication company.  Airtel is the only network that presents unlimited internet plans which works on all devices whether BlackBerry, IPhone, tablet, laptop, android devices and so on.


One unique thing about Airtel is that they have a broad bandwidth and are always developing faster and easier means to improve. Airtel internet connection is also very fast in terms of surfing the internet, downloading and catching up on social media, the network is known for its fast, reliable and affordable internet data plans that can be used on any mobile device, personal computers or desktop computer.



Airtel 3GB Data Plan

This is a newly introduced plan that works on all mobile devices, computers and Airtel SIMs. You can browse the internet, download movies and videos, stream music online, play online games, chat and post on social media as you wish to. All these you get just for N1000.

  1. How To Subscribe For Airtel 3GB Data Plan For N1000

To subscribe for this data plan, simply dial *431#. Before that ensure you have up to N1000 in your account balance. To check your leftover data balance, simply dial *140#


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Other Available and Affordable Data Plans From Airtel

  1. How To Subscribe For Airtel 1.5GB Data Plan For N1000

To subscribe, simply dial *496# to get 1.5GB data for N1000 only.

  1. How To Subscribe For Airtel 1GB Data Plan For N500

This plan offers 1GB data for subscribers on the SmartTrybe Tariff plan only. It is valid for 7days and costs N500. To subscribe, dial *312#.

  1. How To Subscribe For Airtel 500MB Data Plan for N500

To subscribe for this data plan, simply dial *144# and select the option that corresponds to the data plan you wish to buy (Option 1 for 3GB, 2 for 1.5GB and 3 for 500GB)

  1. How To Subscribe For Airtel 750MB for N500:

With just #500, you can browse the internet for 14days unlimited. To subscribe, dial *418#

  1. How To Subscribe For Airtel 350MB for N300

This plan offers subscribers 350MB valid for 7days.  You can download and browse the internet as you wish.  To subscribe dial *417#

  1. How To Subscribe For Airtel 250MB For N300

This plan is ideal for folks who go online to read the news. With 250MB you         can read the news online and catch up with friends and family on Facebook. It is valid for 25days.To subscribe, dial *555*1#



Benefits Of Airtel 3GB Data Plan

  1. Extremely cheap compared to the 1.5GB which goes for the same amount
  2. Fast speed internet connection is assured
  3. Data can be shared or gifted with friends and family.

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