How To Obtain Study Permit In Canada, The Requirements And All You Need To Know

Today Canada has become a popular destination for every international student all over the world who intend to get quality education. But however, before anyone can study in Canada, there are a few simple steps that needs to be taken, especially, a foreign student. You will need a study permit, and it is very important to know how to apply and exactly what type of documents to show the Canadian authorities.

So if your intention is to go to Canada for a post-secondary education, here are some simple steps for applying for your Canadian study permit.

An Acceptance Letter

For you to apply for a Canadian study permit, you need to obtain an acceptance letter from your preferred Canadian university. Please note that the acceptance letter should have some vital information and although most schools are now familiar with the requirements, and also, the letter must come from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI). The DLI is an organization that is authorized by the Canadian government to host international students.

A Study Permit Application

After you must have received your letter of acceptance, you should begin preparing your Canadian study permit application. Please note that this application requires an extensive documentation which proves your intentions in Canada and also your ability to support yourself. Note that the documents that are required vary from country to country, but you can verify the document requirements by visiting the link below:

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And also, when you submit the study permit application, you will need to provide the documents below in addition to those documents requested for your country:

  1. An acceptance Letter: which we mentioned earlier.
  2. A proof of Financial Support: note that you will demonstrate that you have sufficient funds to support your study which should cover your tuition fees as well as the cost of living in Canada.

The Study Permit Application Submission

Once you have double-checked that all the required documents for the study permit application are included and you are ready to submit, then you can submit your application through the designated visa application centre (VAC). 

Travelling To Canada

Once your application is approved, you will then receive a Letter of Introduction at the Port of Entry (POE) and also a travel visa. Note that this documents will authorize you to travel to a Canadian POE to get your study permit. You should note that your study permit will not be mailed to you, it can only be pick it up when you land at a Canadian POE and speak to any border official.

You Need To Maintain A Good Status

After your study permit has been approved and you enter Canada as an international student, you need to meet all the requirements below in order to maintain good legal status in Canada.

  • You will always be enrolled at a Designated Learning Institution (DLI)
  • You will make progress towards completing your program
  • You will respect any conditions listed on your study permit
  • You will stop studying if you no longer meet the requirements, and also,
  • You will leave Canada once your permit expires.

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