How To Pay DSTV Subscription Using The ATM Machine In Nigeria Easily

Paying for your DSTV subscription just got easier with the recent development, you can now use an ATM card to pay for your dstv subscription no matter what package you belong. The Dstv company has done this to make payment easier and less stressful for every Nigerian.

There are already many ways to pay for your dstv monthly subscription, but using the automated teller machine seems easier.


How To Pay Dstv Subscription Using The Atm Machine

Here is a guide on how to use the Quickteller service on any ATM machine to make your DSTV Payment here in Nigeria. This method is for any one who wants to pay for any one of the several DSTV packages.


Follow The Steps Below To Use The Quickteller Service On Any ATM Machine

  1. Visit any automated teller machine (ATM) close to you, and insert your ATM (debit) card.
  2. Input your PIN and click on the enter button.
  3. Select the Quickteller option using the buttons on the side of the ATM machine.
  4. Click on the Pay Bills Option.
  5. Click the DSTV button.

Now on the next page, wait for some seconds while it loads. After it has loaded, you will see a list of the various available packages.

  1. Select the most preferred option or package.
  2. Now, a page for you to enter your dstv smart card number would be displayed. Type it into the machine and click on continue
  3. You would see a verification page containing all the information you have entered.
  4. Proofread and confirm that there are correct by clicking on the OK button.
  5. Immediately payment is made, your dstv package would be reactivated for optimum viewing.


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If otherwise, message “30333” with the following; “RA SmartCard No”

For example RA 381027363839, and send it to the number 30333 and your DSTV decoder would be reactivated as soon as possible for your entertainment.


Note that payment can be made with any card either Visa Card, Master Card, or even Verve Card, and you must have sufficient account balance in the card you are using to pay for the package you want to reactivate to ensure that you encounter no problem at all.



DSTV is a well known pay as you watch satellite TV in Nigeria, they have so many offices around the nation as well as they have over a million subscribers. Offices and homes around the world uses the dstv pay TV for entertainment and leisure. It is known to be one of the best among the best.

They are trying every means to make payment easier for their subscribers and that is why they have put in place several methods including the Quickteller service.

Be sure to use the DSTV self service or contact the DSTV customer care if you are experiencing any problem or you have error codes displaying on your screen.

You would be provided with help for your DSTV dish and decoder.

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