How To Restore Deleted Text Messages On Your Android Smartphones

There are hundreds of programs/Application available that you can use to retrieve lost, deleted, or wiped text messages, or anything on your phone for that matter.

Among this numerous software is MobiKin Doctor.


Mobile Device Compatible With Mobikin

MobiKin Doctor for Android supports over 2,000 Android devices. This simply means your device is covered.

This software is compatible with virtually any Android device, plus the latest models. If you are not sure your devices is covered, there is no harm in trying the free trial to be sure. For some devices, you might need to root them before using this software.



How To Restore Deleted Text Messages On Your Android Smartphones

  1. Download and run the program on your PC.
  2. Allow MobiKin to access your mobile through the USB mode options.
  3. As soon as you do this, it will detect your device and connect automatically.
  4. Immediately your phone connects to the software, your phone’s data will be displayed including the model, system version etc.
  5. You would be allowed to choose the type of data you want to restore. You can actually restore anything.
  6. Select “Messages” and click on the “Next” button
  7. All data in the message section would be scanned out and displayed in few minutes.
  8. Select the option that offers to view only deleted items. This is actually easier for filtering.
  9. To recover these messages, you can select them one after the other or you tick the checkbox in the top bar to select all.
  10. Now click on “Recover” to restore the lost or deleted messages (the ones you have selected).
  11. Once recovered, you will receive a pop-up to save it directly on your PC.
  12. Create a new folder where you want your messages to be stored.


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How To Recover Your Messages Manually

This method applies only to those who use to back-up their messages on the Google Back-up service.

All you have to do is go to the Google backup service and download which ever data you have previously backed up.

On Android devices, you can back up your phones data to your Google account by;

  1. Just go to Settings, and click on Google (Services & preferences).
  2. Navigate through the page and go to Backup.
  3. Activate Back up to Google Drive.
  4. Add the account you wish to back up your data to, and click back up now.

This would definitely take some time depending on how large the data files are.

Once done, your call history, contacts, text messages, media and everything on the phone would be safely backed up.




Most times, you might wish to back up only your text messages and nothing more. You would probably want to use a different app for this purpose. There are several of them and SMS Backup+ is a good one to use, and it’s free of charge. This application can back up call logs, SMS and MMS to your Gmail account. You definitely need to connect your Google account to the app.

This are the various ways to restore your messages and to also keep them safe to avoid losing them.

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