How To Setup Zenith Bank Transfer Code And Different Transactions You Can Perform On The Platform

The Zenith bank has launched its effortless banking transaction just like every other bank in Nigeria and called it the Eazybanking or the Transfer Code

Zenith bank Eazybanking is a straightforward and convenient banking service that can be done/ performed on any gadgets without downloading the app. All that is required is the “Unstructured Supplementary Service Data” USSD banking code; otherwise known as the “Transfer Code”.  However, for any customer to be eligible to this Eazybanking service, there is a need to register for the service.

Note; Zenith Eazybanking service is eligible to accounts except the ZECA Account, Domiciliary Account and the Premium (Gold & Platinum) Account.



How To Setup The Zenith Transfer Code

Note; the mobile number to be used for this service must be the Registered Number used during the registration of the bank. Or it could be the number used for receiving of the bank transactions info/ messages.

  1. Dial the transfer code *966*0#
  2. Enter the last four (4) digit number of the ATM/ Debit card as requested
  3. Confirm the displayed name (Account Name)
  4. Provide the service “Pin”; that is, the preferred Pin to be used for the service
  5. Re-enter the Pin for confirmation
  6. Ensure a notification message displaying the succession of the registration (Retrieving your Balance” is received on the mobile number
  7. Proceed to dialing of the bank’s USSD code *966# to enjoy the service

If this steps fail to work, visit any of the zenith bank branches for help



Types Of Transactions That Can Be Performed On The Zenith Eazybanking Service

  1. Checking of the customer’s account balance
  2. Recharging and transferring of airtime
  3. Transferring of money or fund to other accounts and banks
  4. Online Subscription of services like the GOTV, StarTime, and DSTV
  5. Payments of bills such as the Electricity bill, and
  6. The opening of a New Account with the bank


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  • How To Go About Checking Of The Customer’s Account Balance

Like said earlier, the zenith bank transfer code is a convenient and straightforward service. Checking of the account balance can be done by dialing *966*00# only.

This is visible only to the service registered number


  • Recharging And Transferring Of Airtime

For recharging to self-number

  • Dial the code; *966#
  • Enter the amount to recharged
  • Enter the Pin provided for the service during the registration process

Or just dial *966* amount to recharge #


For recharging to another mobile number

  • Dial the service code; *966 #
  • Enter the amount to be recharge
  • Enter the phone number
  • Provide the Pin provided for the service during the registration process

Or simply dial *966* amount to transfer (recharge)* phone number#


  • Transferring Of Money Or Fund To Other Accounts And Banks

The procedures for transferring of funds to other accounts is similar to that of recharging

  • Dial the service code; *966 #
  • Enter the amount to be transferred
  • Enter the account number
  • Provide the Pin provided for the service during the registration process

Or simply dial *966* amount to transfer*account number #



  • The Opening Of A New Account With The Bank

To open an account with the zenith bank transfer code,

  • Dial *966*0 #
  • Provide all required information for the generation of the new account

Note; information requested are more similar to those asked for during the creation of the previous (current) account. Provide a valid phone number

  • Take note of the Ten (10) digit number sent to the mobile number

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