How To Share Data On 9mobile, The Benefits And All You Need To Know

The 080 Naija company, Etisalat, is now 9Mobile like you probably know by now. The company has introduced innovative changes since arrival of its new management and subscribers are continuously satisfied at their products and services.

However, the method of buying their mobile data and of sharing with your loved ones remain the same. Data sharing can become necessary when you have more data than you can finish before the expiration date or when you have someone in need of data that you have in excess. Not knowing how to go about it at such time can be unwanted and distracting. This is why we have put this post together to help you know just what you need to do.



How To Share Data On 9Mobile

You can do a lot of things with your 9Mobile data plan as the company’s data services now allow you to make the most of your megabytes and gigabytes. It is also amazing that you can transfer data from your plan on any tariff. This means that you do not have to migrate from your current tariff plan before you can share data. The data sharing code for 9Mobile is *229# and it operates through three products as follows:

  1. Moreblaze Family Plan
  2. Data Balance Transfer
  3. Multi-device Plan



Moreblaze Family Plan

With 9Mobile’s moreblaze family plan, you can transfer part of your data bundle using the data balance transfer feature and you can use your airtime to buy a data plan for someone else.


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Data Balance Transfer

You can use this product if you have up to 100MB of data. It allows you to send between 10MB to 50MB at once and you can perform this five times in a day. This means that the minimum transfer limit is 10MB while the maximum transfer limit is 250MB. Note that you can only transfer data that you purchased. You cannot transfer data that was transferred to you. To use the product, simply dial *229*recipient number*volume of MB*pin#.

If you want to send 35MB to 08097567844 for example, you will dial *229*08097567844*35*0000# to complete your transfer. However, 0000 is your default pin and you can change it to something you can remember. To change your default pin, dial *247*old pin*new pin#. For example, if you want to change your pin to 6482, simply dial *247*0000*6482#.



Multi-Device Plan

You can share data from your 9Mobile number to your other smartphones or to other people’s smartphones using this plan. This means that you can connect four internet enabled phones to one that is subscribed using this plan. As a result, you can buy larger data plans with less money. You don’t need to buy data plans on each of the devices. You can simply buy a larger amount of data on one and share with the others.

To activate this plan, your major smartphone would be your primary device while the other smartphones you will be transferring to are your secondary devices. You will also need new SIM cards that are yet to be activated and which must be data SIMs to activate the multi-device plan. Make sure you remember your personal unlocking code (PUC) that is on your sim card frame. Also your default pin is 0000 and you can change your pin as we have already discussed above.

In process to activate the multi-device plan, dial *215*pin*1*new number*new PUC# or send “add new number, 1, PIN, newpuc” to 215. To add subsequent SIM cards, replace ‘1’ with ‘2’, ‘3’ or ‘4’.



Benefits Of The 9Mobile Data Sharing Plan

As you can see from the above, the 9Mobile Data Sharing Plan has several advantages. You can now buy data for the whole of your family in one place and share with them from your primary device. The moreblaze family plan is fast and simple to use. It is auto renewable and family members who are on the plan will get their share immediately you subscribe so you don’t have to add them up each month.

This plan also saves your battery as you no longer have to rely on WiFi hotspots. You even get to obtain more value for your money as you can buy larger plans than you would have bought for each individual.


So that is it on the 9Mobile Data Sharing Plan! Go subscribe and start enjoying data with your friends and family.

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