Fbnquest Capital: How To Enroll On The Mutual Fund Platform And All You Must Know

FBN Capital is an arm of FBN Holdings PLC which happens to be one of the strongest and most reliable financial groups in Africa. FBNQuest Capital was established in 2006 as an asset and fund management firm. The services offered include: Securing assets, funds management, venture management, providing intelligence and investment advice.


FBNQuest Capital Mutual Funds is an open-ended mutual fund that invests on short-time, high quality money securities such as Treasury Bills, Commercial Papers e.t.c.  They are different from stocks because they are not traded on an exchange and investors can buy and sell through a Fund manager at any time, because units are sold and created continually you can invest a lump sum into it or save on a regular basis. These funds are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in Nigeria .



Types Of FBNQuest Capital Mutual Funds

  1. FBN Money Market Fund: The mutual fund provides short-to-medium term investment that gives unit holders stability, liquidity and income. It is also a low risk investment solution that invests in treasury bills, bank tenured deposits and commercial papers. Some specific features of this funds are listed below:
  2. Minimum startup investment of #5000
  3. Low risk
  4. Minimum holding period of 30 days
  5. Income accrued is distributed on a quaterly basis
  6. Offers higher interest rates compared to banks savings accounts.


FBNQuest Heritage Fund: This offers a superior capital growth with diversification across equities, bonds and treasury bills. It is a medium-to-long-term investment that gives unit holders a balanced mix if reinvested income and capital appreciation over time. The fund is ideal for investors who wish to gather all their investment into one portfolio to earn income.


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  1. Offers competitive returns over a 3-5 year investment horizon
  2. Invests in equities, bonds and treasury bills
  3. Medium risk
  4. Minimum start up investment of #50,000
  5. Minimum golding period is 90 days but unuts redeemed earlier than the stated holding period will incur a 20% fee as processing charge on the income accrued.
  6. Income is distributed annually.


FBNQuest Eurobond USD Fund: It is a medium-to-long term investment fund that gives customers steady return on capital and assured liquidity. It offers a steady income with exposure to USD denominated debt instruments with low-medium risk.



  1. It offers competitive returns over a 3-5 year investment period
  2. Invests in USD denominated debt instruments (bonds)
  3. Medium risk
  4. Minimum investment is $1,000 for individual and $100,000 for corporations
  5. The minimum hilding period is 180 days



Investment Application Requirements

  1. One clear passport-size photograph with the party’s name written on the reverse side
  2. Completed and signed account opening form
  3. A valid means of identification (Driver’s license/International passport/National ID card)
  4. Proof of residential address of interested party
  5. Birth certificate or declaration on age.



How To Invest In FBNQuest Mutual Funds

  1. Download the application form from the website and fill correctly with the approximate details.
  2. Attach a Clear and recent passport sized photograph
  3. Scan and send completed forms to customercare@fbnquestmb.com

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