How To Share Or Transfer Movies On Iroko Tv App On Different Devices

The Nigerian movie industry has always been a source of entertainment for everyone. This is specifically for everyone who truly portrays the true identity of people consuming what they produce. The industry turns out hundreds of movies every week. This is a multi billion naira industry. More importantly in this review, we shall take a look at the Iroko TV app.


Iroko TV is a platform for nollywood movies and TV shows where people can upload, download and watch movies online. This platform grants you access to lots of Nigerian movies both old and new movies. You can as well get reviews on these movies on the platform. With this platform, you can entertain yourself from at anytime anywhere.


Iroko TV was launched in 2011 and has her headquarters in London, United Kingdom. Iroko TV was founded by Jason Njoku. Iroko TV is not just a platform for Nigerian movies alone but also the largest legal digital distributor of African movies in the world. This means you can get yourself entertained with lots of African movies and Hollywood movies


As the world gradually turns to a mobile app world making it easy for customers to access and use services. Iroko TV in line with current best practices has designed and launched a mobile app. The Iroko TV app is designed to enhance users of Iroko TV online platform to access and use platform in user friendly mobile interface.


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How To Us e The Iroko Tv App Efficiently 

To make use of the Iroko TV app, you will need to get an internet enabled mobile device with internet connection. Next thing will be to get the Iroko TV app installed on the device and enjoy. Kindly follow the steps below to Iroko TV app installed;

  1. On your mobile device, launch your app store
  2. Use the search box to search for the Iroko TV app
  3. Click on the Iroko TV app from the results and then install the app.
  4. After installation, click on the app to launch it on your device.
  5. On the menu bar, you would have to first download the movie you intend to share or transfer. Select the movie and Click on the the download button.
Click on the download icon on the menu bar. You can then use the send movie button at the bottom of your page




If you already have an account on the platform you may login into your account but if not, you may just create an account by signing up with your details.


The Iroko TV has well over 7000 collection of movies, series and TV shows. Apart from Nigerian and Ghanaian movies, Iroko TV also have Korean, Indian and Hollywood movies. This means that Iroko TV app is got you covered. You can download and watch later or you may simply stream online. You can as well subscribe to any of price plan. Iroko TV also offers free data movie download.


Sharing movies is quite simple you may download the movie or favorite TV shows and then share with loved ones. This will be much are appreciated when its movies or series of shared interest. You may as well watch via the app together. After all, there is love in sharing!


For further assistance, you may contact Iroko TV via email, or via whatsapp on 08178924632.

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