How To Subscribe To MTN 1GB Data Plan With Code, The Benefits And The Charges

MTN 1GB data plan is amongst the new internet packages that are available at a cheaper rate to every user on any gadget. The 1GB data plan subscription has been made enjoyable for every tariff plan.


How To Subscribe

All you have to do for the subscription of this data plan is a very straight forward step. Below are the necessary steps required to be taken for a successful subscription and activation to this data plan.

  1. A minimum of ₦1000 (one thousand naira) should be available on the SIM card to be used for the data plan
  2. Send the subscription code MTN 1GB to 131 or,
  3. Dial the alternative subscription code *131#
  4. Select number 1 (Buy Data Plans) and click on send
  5. Select number 3 (Monthly Plan) and click on send

Note; on the new options page, at the top of the numbers “Buy Data Plans”

  1. Select number 1 “1GB+500MB bonus (1am-7am) @ ₦1000” ;click on send

Note; on the new options page, at the top “Monthly”

  1. Select number 1 to proceed to the service
  2. Once activated, a message will be sent to you to make your preference; if you would love to enjoy the automatic activation of the data plan or not.

Other ways of subscribing and activating to this internet data plan are by simply;

  1. Sending of “106” to 131, and
  2. Dialing of *131*1#



Benefits Of MTN 1GB Data Plan

The benefits of subscribing and activating to the MTN 1GB data plan is as follows:

  1. For every 1 GB subscription, every user enjoys additional data of 500 MB; making it a 1.5 GB data plan.
  2. The MTN 1GB data plan subscription comes with 1024 MB
  3. Activation of this data plan is not restricted to a particular gadget, but available to all internet browsing phone including Modems, Blackberry Smartphones, iPad, iPhones, Android Smartphones, Windows phones, and other internet browsing gadgets


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How To Use The Additional Data

Subscription for the MTN 1GB data always attract an additional free data of 500 MB. This additional data is for the “Mid-Night plan”.

This service is available for use from the time duration of 12 am to 7 am daily



How Much Do I Need To Enjoy This Service?

All it takes to enjoy the MTN 1GB data plan internet service and its benefits is just a token of One Thousand Naira ₦1000 airtime. This airtime should be available on the SIM to be used for the internet browsing service.



The validity period for the MTN 1GB data plan is 30 days.

Although, the data plan can be exhausted before the 30 days. But the better part of this service is that it can be renewed.

Note; for every new activation, if the additional data for the previous subscription is yet to be exhausted, it will be cancelled. And the new additional data for the new 1GB data plan will be replaced with it.



How To Check For MTN 1GB Data Plan Balance

The data balance for every subscription to this data plan can be checked through the stated steps

  1. Dialing the code “*461#
  2. Selecting of number 6 (Data Share Balance)

Or simply dial *461*6#  

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