How To Subscribe To MTN 1gb For 200 Naira And All The Benefits You Need To Know

Mtn is here again with their ‘data bait’ to lure more subscribers to their network. They are doing their utmost to be one of the best network with a large number of data users.

Almost everyone now has a smartphone and you have to have a data bundle before you can enjoy your smartphone. For this reason, MTN has decided to launch a new, cheap and affordable data plan to suit its subscribers and to earn new and more internet users.


To help them achieve their plan, they introduced a new plan called The MTN Night Internet Package. This package is very attractive and it suits anyone who is considering spending lesser on data bundles. One of this new Mtn night internet package is the 1gb for two hundred naira only. This plan is very cheap and any one with a low budget can afford it. It is readily available for any one with a low budget.


How To Subscribe For The Mtn 1Gb For 200 Naira

To subscribe or sign up for this plan of 1gb for two hundred naira only (200 NGN) all you need to do is dial *198# and then follow the onscreen command. But before you do this you must have airtime of minimum two hundred naira in your Mtn sim card. This will be deducted and you will be given the data. This means that you have bought the 1gb of data with the two hundred naira.


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How To Use The Mtn 1Gb For 200 Naira Plan

The 1gb of data is a night plan and it will work only from 9pm each day to 6pm the following day. That is to say you can only use the data or browse from 9pm in the night to 6am the next morning everyday. If you try browsing at any other time, it will not work.



Validity Period For The Mtn 1Gb For 200 Naira Data Plan

Another thing you need to know and that is good about the plan is that it lasts for 30 days. That is, it had a validity period of 30 days. This means that  you have to finish the data allocated to you before the completion of 30 days. If you do not finish the data, the remainder will expire once it is 30 days from the day you bought it. Once your data is finished, you can renew your subscription.



Now there is all you need to know about the Mtn 1Gb for 200 naira Internet Data Plan. What are you waiting for? It may be the plan you need!

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