How To Use Glo Sharp Sharp Etopup And The Benefits

The indigenous Telecom operator in Nigeria, Globacom is always seeking for ways to give more to her numerous customers and to increase customer retention rate. In a bid to achieve this, the mobile network giant has launched a new product called Glo sharp sharp E-Top up. The product was launch to encourage the use of more electronic recharge channels.


The Glo sharp sharp E-Top up is a product designed to offer glo numerous customers both new and old ones eight times the value of their airtime recharge. To get this offer, the airtime recharge must be via electronic recharge channels such as Glo Café App, authorized Glo dealer outlets,, Automated Teller Machines (ATM), Quickteller, Gloworld outlets,  *805# (Glo easy recharge solution), any Bank mobile app and POS terminals in select mega retail stores. This is a good way to get more for your recharge as you can recharge any time from anywhere. It is quite convenient, fast and can be used by accessible to anyone.



Benefits Of Glo Sharp Sharp E-Top Up

Customers who recharge up to N101, N201, N501, N1001, N1501, N2001, N2501, N3001, N5001, N10001, N20001 or N50001 via any of the electronic recharge channels will be given 50% of their recharge for all net calls, 450% for off net calls, certain data balance to browse, certain data to gift to friend and 100% main balance. Please note that you can only get these bonuses when you recharge any of the amount listed. For instance, a N201 recharge will give you N100 to call all networks, N900 to call other Glo numbers, N201 main balance, 50MB data and free 25MB data which can be given to other Glo customer. Please note that you can subscribe to other recharge based offers available on the Glo network but every time you recharge the eligible amounts, you will get your sharp sharp e-top up bonus. Please note that airtime bonus cannot be shared with others.


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Charges On Glo Sharp Sharp E-Top Up

The call charges from the main account will be not change based on your tariff plan. Calls from your bonus accounts will be charge at the rate of 83k/sec. Your browsing will be charged from the free data but once you exhaust the data, you will browse at a rate of N1/MB. Please note that, you can not use the data to be given to other glo customers.


Validity And Balance Checks

The validity of both the airtime bonus and data bonus varies for different airtime recharge. For instance, N101 recharge, the validity is 7 days, N1001 recharge is 15 days validity while N2501 has 30 days validity. Please note that validity cannot be accumulated. To check your bonus balances, please dial #122*40#.


For further details, please contact customer care on 121 or visit any glo office close to you. You may as well forward email of enquiry to

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