Ippis Payslip App: How To Fill The Complaint Form, Check The Identity Number And Other Functions

Since inception, IPPIS has saved billions of Naira for the federal government of Nigeria. So what is IPPIS all about?

IPPIS stands for Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System, an initiative by the federal government of Nigeria (FGN) to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of payroll administration for all their ministries, departments and agencies (MDA’s).

IPPIS is an oracle HCM solution that manages the end to end of staff personnel information and payroll management system. The system is perfect for all gross-to net calculations, including union dues, PFA, computation of tax deductions etc.

IPPIS was developed to achieve the objectives below:

  • Provide a platform for accurate budgeting and end of the year recurrent expenditure on staff emoluments
  • To end payroll fraud such as multiple payment of emolument to one employee or monthly salary payment to non-existing employee.
  • Facilitation of human resources planning by bringing out information for decision making.
  • To monitor monthly staff payment of emolument against federal government annual budget to ensure no wastage and leakage.
  • To enhance the confidence in the process of knowing staff emolument cost.
  • To facilitate easy storage, updating and retrieving personnel information and records
  • To ensure the database integrity so once entered, cannot be manipulated by any user.



How To Fill The Compliant Form

The IPPIS compliant form comes in four different sections and can be accessed on https://IPPIS.gov.ng/form-page


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Section 1: Personal Details

In this section, you need to fill in all the required information about you in the appropriate spaces like

  • Name Of Organisation: this is self-explanatory, fill in the name of your workplace
  • surname: you must fill in your family name
  • First Name: fill in your name
  • IPPIS No: input your official IPPIS identity number
  • Rank: what is your service rank? Fill it here
  • Grade Level: fill in your service grade level
  • Step: put in your service grade step
  • Service no: please insert your service number, AP number or force number
  • Profession: are you a civilian or uniform officer? Please put it here.
  • Date Of Birth: put your official date of birth
  • Date Of Enlistment: type in the date you were enlisted
  • Date Of Last Promotion: put in the date you were last promoted
  • Bank Name: put in the name of your bank here
  • Account No: type in your bank account number
  • Serving Location: type your serving command/office location
  • Pay Point: you should put in where you receive your salary


Section 2: The Reason For Completing The Form Just Tick Any Of The Following;

  • Unpaid salary
  • Short payment
  • Not captured
  • Payslip request
  • Other issues



Section 3: Your Compliant

Please take time and type all your compliant in the box provided.


Section 4: Contacting You

Here is where you give IPPIS the opportunity to contact you after your compliant.

  • Email: please put your email address
  • Contact number: put your mobile number



How To Check IPPIS Identity Number

  • Select employee category e.g. civilian staff
  • Choose your rank e.g. civilian
  • Please enter your force, AP or civilian number
  • Click on show, to reveal your IPPIS data page

For more information, visit https://IPPIS.gov.ng


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    please I want my July ippis payslip, my ippis no. is 327751, my contact phone no. is 08037743669

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      Good day.
      Please call the customer service for assistance.

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