GTBank Salary Advance: How To Apply, What They Offer And Requirements

GTBank introduced this feature which is a great help to salary earners all over the country. The GTBank Salary Advance feature simply means get your salary now, or get your salary at any time you want and also you can get more than what you are actually paid monthly and pay back later, the feature would be of great help to those looking for urgent cash.

Simply read on to understand how it works and the requirements need for before you can apply for this feature.


How it Works

  • This feature allows those customers that have a salary account with the Bank to get a salary based overdraft, which enable you to withdraw more than your salary or take extra cash after you have withdrawn your salary from the account.
  • You will be given 50% extra of your salary and it is temporary overdraft and disbursed on monthly basis.


For Instance

If you earn N50,000 a month, you will be allowed to withdraw a maximum of N75,000 from your salary account from one month, and it gets better, you are allowed to pay back the extra amount in 365 days.

  • They also have a minimum drawing amount of N12,500
  • They have a maximum drawing amount of your salary plus 50% extra of your salary.


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Eligibility and Requirements

You must have your salary account domiciled with GTBank.

You must have received your salary through your GTBank account in the last 3 months

Minimum monthly salary of an employee of Private Companies must be N 50,000

Minimum monthly salary of an employee in the Public Sector must be N 25,000


How to Apply

Application is done by completing and submitting the Salary Advance application form or through internet banking

If you wish to use the internet banking option, Simply go to and login into your internet banking account, click on Salary Advance and follow the instructions.

If you choose to complete the Salary Advance application,

You can simply search how to fill the gtb bank salary advance form on google, you will be shown a list of results as in the result below, all you need to do is to click on [PDF] Salary Advance Application Form – GTBank to download the pdf form as shown in the image below, open the file in your pdf reader,  print it, fill it correctly by following the instructions written on the application and submit to the GTBank Branch nearest to you.

If you have any questions, simply visit


14 thoughts on “GTBank Salary Advance: How To Apply, What They Offer And Requirements”

  1. What is the refund of advanced salary of GTB like and what is the interest rate?

    • Hi Michael,
      Kindly visit the closest Gtbank Branch for proper advise on your request.

  2. I applied for the salary advance it took one day before accepting my application and 1 day before approval. I accented the offer but nothing credited to my account up to now.

    • Kindly call any of the customer care numbers for proper assistance.

  3. I request for user name and password for internet banking since last week up to now you people didn’t send to me

  4. II appleid for salry advance within 3minutes i got it
    thank you Gtbank

  5. why can’t you just explain expressly how much the interest rate is on this platform.
    Seems something unhealthy is fishing for not disclosing that. Just my thought.

  6. what is wrong that Iam unable to access your salary advance facility

  7. I would like to know why code (*737*8*2#) is accessible; it could have being the best platform to access the facility. Pls Gtbank should make sure to put it in bcus some phones are not compatible with the gtworld if one wants to download it. Thanks


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