Kenny Blaq Net Worth: His Background And All You Need To Know About His Comedy Journey

Kenny Blaq is the stage name for Otolorin Kehinde Peter who is presently one of the most sought after comedians in the Nigerian comedy industry. The winner of several awards such as Winner of the Naija FM Comedy Awards, Comedian of year 2015, 2016 and 2017 (Given to him in Egypt by the Middle East Africa Movie Awards) Future Awards Africa Comedy Act 2017, Best Comedy Act Nigeria, Kenny as he is popularly called started his comedy career in August 2008 and has made himself into an household name by delivering an amazing performance consisting of a blend of music and wordplay.


He has been on the rise since 2011 when he made his first appearance at the Calabar Carnival and has toured many countries such as France, England and Dubai and thus has a ton of foreign fans.



Kenny Black Personal History/Biography And Education

Kenny Blaq was born into the family of Elder Moses and Eunice Otolorin, a family blessed with two sets of twins as the last of seven children in Ejigbo, Lagos state Nigeria on March 1994. He currently studies at the FRCN Training School in Lagos where he is undergoing tutelage to further horn his skills as a professional presenter and comedian.


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His Career







Kenny Blaq began his career first as a stand up comedian at the Calabar Carnival in 2011. After his first appearance many organizers of large shows started inviting him to their shows and he gradually arose in popularity and became an household name. Before his first appearance at the Calabar Carnival, he had been building his career as a singer and stage actor and had his first stage appearance as a stand up comedian at a rally titled “Miss Ejigbo” in August 2008.


He once worked as a presenter in a musical comedy talk show and also as a presenter at SMA-FM. He took up the stage name of Kenny Blaq as a shortened form of his name Kehinde and Blaq as a result of his skin color. Kenny Blaq created his own project Making A Difference (M.A.D) in Ejigbo, Lagos as an avenue to inspire people to strive for their goals and break all chains of limitations.



Kenny Blaq Net worth

Earning as much as 500,000- 1,000,000 per show, Kenny Blaq is estimated to be worth about US $100,000 which is about #50,000,000 in local currency. He can be described as modest, generous, entertaining and very lively.



Kenny Blaq is single and not searching. According to him, he wants to be relevant in the next one to two decades and so isn’t ready to settle down to a home. He also believes that marriage is a lot of work and a lifetime commitment and so he’s waiting for his own perfect partner before he can get married so he doesn’t hurt anyone.

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