Kwikmoney: How To Get Instant Loans And Requirements

Do you need instant loan? Then have you heard about the Kwikmoney loan? This platform has made getting personal loan in Nigeria attractive and convenient, as they offer quick short-term loans to individuals to meet their urgent needs.

As Kwikmoney loan platform has arrived, all your worries are over. This is because whenever you need little money to take care of your personal problems, you will receive it fast and directly to any bank account in Nigeria. It’s very true, I’m saying it from my experience because i have been using their services for some time now and it really works.

About The Kwikmoney Platform And How Does It Work

This Kwikmoney happens to be a platform designed to enhance personal banking in Nigeria, they have partnership with banks, mobile network operators, and other technology companies offering individuals quick short term loans with no collateral or paperwork as a requirement. And also, you don’t need any phone calls and no question asked.

Here Is How to Request for Kwikmoney Loan

personally, i have received a loan from them not once or twice but on a regular basis, which means that I know exactly how it works. However, as a first time borrower, you might need to start from little and allow the system to trust you before you can request for bigger amount.

To get this loan, you need to visit or just dial *561# on your phone if you need a loan and then follow the instructions, but if you visit the website you will need to add your phone number and click on GO.

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One of the advantage is that you can still get an instant loan even when you don’t have an internet enabled smartphone or computer, so all you need to do is simply dial *561# and then follow the instructions. Though it might be more convenient for you to use a Laptop or smartphone if you have but if you don’t, go ahead and use the USSD code to get the loan.

Their Interest Rate And Repayment Plan

As I said before, the Kwikmoney platform offers a short term loan and not long time loan. So when you get a loan from them, you will be required to pay back within 14 days or 30 days.

But before you request for a loan, the first question that will come to your mind is the interest rate and if you are asking the same right now then the answer is just simple. Once you get their loan, you will pay 15% of any amount you borrow, though the interest might come down to 5% once you pay back previous loan quickly.

for example:
A 15% interest rate means that when you request for a N4000 loan, then you will pay back N4600 in 14 days, and the extra N600 is the 15% interest.

Their Contact email and phone numbers

In case you want to verify few things about Kwikmoney platform, then you can contact them via online chatting from their website, email address and customer care phone numbers.

Their chat: visit
Their email:
SMS: “HELP” to 561 (9mobile only)
Call: +234 (0) 1 700 2274

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