MMM In Nigeria: How To Register And All You Need To Know About

The Now Popular MMM In Nigeria was First established in 1989 by 3 Russians, 2 brothers Sergei Mavrodi his brother Vyacheslav Mavrodi, and their friend Olga Melnikova. The name MMM was however taken from the first letters of the three founders’ surnames.

At the start of business the company was importing computers and office equipment. In January of 1992, tax police in Russia accused MMM of tax evasion, leading to the collapse of then MMM-bank In their transactions MMM participants operate with BITCOINS, and making it very difficult for the company in obtaining financing to support its operations. Faced with difficulties in funding some of its foreign trade, the company immediately switched it gear to the financial sector. It offered some American stocks to Russian investors, but still wasn’t successful as it was not fully embraced by investors. Later, MMM-Invest was created for the purpose of collecting vouchers during privatization. This effort was also with brick walls as it was unsuccessful.


How Does MMM Work In Nigeria And Around The World?

MMM is not like a wonder bank or a money “doubbler”, MMM does not collect your money from you directly, MMM is not an online business you invest in, HYIP, investment or MLM program for earning profits. MMM is a community where people help each other to meet up with different financial obligations. They give you an online platform that help millions of community members worldwide to connect those who NEED help to those who are ready to PROVIDE help, for FREE. All transferred funds to another participant are your help given at your own good will to another one, absolutely not under any durex. The organization also makes it clear to all its community for every members to be completely confident and certain in their actions and also make up their mind to participate, MMM ask you to take out time to study carefully all warnings and instructions first. In cases of any matter regarding the topic the online consultants are always available to help answer all of your questions.


How To Register And Start Earning Money, Follow The Steps Below

  1. Click here to Register at the website.
  2. On The Registration page Enter your Personal information called (Office).
  3. You will see two big buttons. “Provide help” and “Get help”.
  4. If you want to contribute money, click “Provide help” and specify the amount you want to put into the system. The minimum amount to give out as help is $10.
  5. You immediately get MAVROs in your Personal Office and they start to increase by 100% per month.
    (MAVRO is the internal currency of the system)
    However, as soon as you get MAVROs you won’t be able to sell them till they are unconfirmed as you still haven’t transferred money but only created the request.
  6. Then you’ll get the order in your PO including all bank account details of the person you should transfer money to.
    The order also contains contact details of the person so you can get in touch with him or her to make sure that it’s a real person and participant as you.
    In MMM there is no central account where all participants’ money accumulates (and where it can be stolen). All transfers are carried out between the participants directly. It means that everything is quite clear and transparent. MMM plays the role of the operator that helps to establish the contact between the participants.
  7. Transfer money to the participant. He or she confirms the receipt and your MAVROs become “confirmed”. That’s it! Now you can sell them whenever you want, total amount or a part of it.
  8. If you want to sell your MAVROs click “Get help” and specify the amount.
    Other participant will receive the order and will send you the money (provide help). As you did earlier! Don’t forget to confirm the receipt of help as soon as the money is on your bank account (But no earlier! Be careful with frauds!). If you don’t do it the sender’s MAVROs won’t be confirmed.

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