MTN Extra Byte: How To Borrow Data On The New MTN XtraByte

MTN XtraByte is an innovation by MTN Nigeria which provides the services that permits eligible customers borrow data on credit when they run out of data while browsing on either mobile or other devices and pay back later on their next recharge. MTN XtraByte will be available ONLY to eligible prepaid customers. A customer can check if s/he is eligible to enjoy this service by dialing the code, *606# and then select 1 or alternatively dial *131#. Please note that not all customers are qualified to enjoy this awesome opportunity as we have fully analyzed below some conditions that must be met before you can enjoy this service.

Below Are The Eligibility Criteria For The Service

  • Your SIM Card must be fully registered on the MTN Network.
  • All Customer that would enjoy this service must be active for at least 3 uninterrupted Months.
  • To qualify all Customers must also ensure that they have not less than N12 balance of credit left on their lines to enjoy this service.
  • All outstanding debt must be settle before you are eligible.

Once you meet the criteria above you can borrow data once you are eligible if you have an existing airtime loan that you are yet to pay back as stated earlier, kindly ensure all these are settled before you proceed to borrowing of data. Once all these conditions are satisfied then the next step is to know how to actually use this service without any stress or bottle neck.


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How To Borrow Data On The MTN Xtrbyte System

Step1. You must first of all confirm your eligibility on the network.

Step2. Dial *606# and select 1 to confirm your eligibility status.

Step3. Once you are eligible to use the service, dial *606# again to borrow data.

Step4. On the next stage you would be provided with the list of data limit you can borrow.

Step5. Select your preferred data limit and Confirm.

Step6. You would be fully recharged and also get a notification.

Step7. At this stage you can now use the data for all activities on your device without any limitation or restriction of service.


Please note that your credit obligation must be fully paid back before your next recharge as this would be automatically taken if not paid as at when due.


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