Nigeria Immigration Form And All You Must Know About Recruitment Processes

The Nigeria Immigration Service was cut out of the Nigeria Police Force in the year, 1958. As at that time, it was referred to as  Immigration Department. It performed her duties and functions under the leadership  of the Comptroller General which is the highest rank in the Nigerian Immigration Service.

The commission has a number of departments within the jurisdiction of the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs and  the 1958 Immigration Ordinance which guides her operation.


The NIS recruitment is just like other military employment opportunity in Nigeria. It is often advertised yearly. Nigeria immigration service employment is usually over applied in the recent time.



It is quite important to know the duties of the Nigeria Immigration Service, here are the functions listed below;

  1. Overseeing all immigration services and activities.
  2. They manage and control the border management.
  3. They issue of all Nigerian travel documents.
  4. They examine all travel documents with all monetary instruments.
  5. They are in charge of the control of the Sea Ports and all Passport offices.



NIS Recruitment Requirements

For anyone to be gainfully employed by the Nigerian Immigration Service, he or she must first meet recruitment requirements before he or she can be shortlisted for test and interview. Below are the requirements:


  1. Applicant must be a Nigerian citizen by birth
  2. Applicant’s height must not be less than 1.7 metres for males and 1.64 metres for females.
  3. Applicant must be between 18 and 35 years of age.
  4. Applicant must not be suffering from any form of mental or physical disability.
  5. Applicant should have a fully expanded chest measurement of not less than 0.87 metres.
  6. Applicant must be free from any form of financial burden.
  7. Applicant must be certified by a Government Medical Officer to be physically and mentally fit for appointment into the Service.
  8. Applicant must have good character and must not have been found guilty of any criminal offence.


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Other People That Shouldn’t Apply

  1. Physically challenged persons
  2. People with sight problems
  3. People with hearing problems
  4. People who have previously done major surgery
  5. People with Flat foot
  6. Pregnant women.
  7. People with Fracture, stammering or any other natural disability;



Nigeria Immigration Service  Application Guidelines


Below is a step by step guidelines for the application process:

  1. Log on to the Nigeria Immigration services application portal,
  2. Click apply under the particular position you want to apply for
  3. Fill out the form inputting your valid email address, a password, your first name as well as your surname.
  4. Log in to your email address to confirm your email through the confirmation email. Click on the link in the email sent to you. You will then get a notification that your email has been verified.
  5. Login with your details on the NIS portal to begin your application.
  6. Fill out the form and ensure the details are correctly inputted.
  7. Click “Save Biodata” button and proceed to the next form.
  8. Fill out your work experience on this page and save it after filling it.
  9. Fill out you educational experience and click on save when you are done.
  10. Fill out the Health information section and save it when you are done.
  11. Fill out the Referees Information and save it.


A prompt will appear asking you to lock your data. Once you do this, you won’t be able to open the details and edit them.  After locking your data, the next thing is to print your confirmation slip as well as your guarantors form. You will present the guarantors form at the screening venue.

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