PayWithCapture By Access Bank Mobile: How To Setup And Use The Web & Mobile App Platform

In this online payment solution review, we would be delving into the full functionalities of the solution and how customers at all level can take full advantage of this new innovation. As we are aware that PayWithCapture is the latest Innovation by Access Bank Plc of all the online payment solutions around with unique featues which makes it stand out among it pairs. Understanding your spending and earnings allows you to make better decisions. PayWithCapture presents this information in an easy and accessible way so you can make informed judgments on your finances. Here we will carefully analyze how this new innovation works and basically how we can Register and start Using this Online Payment Platform which permits us to do way beyond what every other available online payment App offers.

The Features And Functionalities Of Pay With Capture would be carefully analyzed below for a more robust understanding of this new innovation and how to put all these feature to better use.



Feature And Advantages Of Pay With Capture

Below we have briefly analysed and listed the list of features and functionalities you stand to enjoy as a customer on this platform.

1. Money transfers from any bank card

Send money from your credit card or account to any bank account easily and in real-time with little or no stress.


2. Access To Pay With Capture Savings Clubs

This innovation gives you the ease of saving with your friends or individually using the savings club concept. Just like the common “Ajo”, you can have a monthly, weekly or daily contribution with a group of friends. This can also be used by market women just like the normal contribution and then cash out accordingly as agreed among the team.


3. Access To Titanium card

With the new titanium card, you always have all your banking accounts in one card. Your titanium card.


4. Instant transfers to phone numbers

Need to send money urgently? Don’t have their bank account? No problem, you are covered, as this can be done using the recipient Phone Number.


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5. Track your spending with the PFM tool On PayWithCapture

Always wanted a better understanding of how you spend your money? The personal finance tool gives you that.


6. Instant account opening

No one else allows you to open an account faster than this platform. Account opening at your fingers tip. On this platform, all eligible customer can easily open an account without leaving the comfort of their home or office to get this done.  They would however have to visit the bank much later to get some paper work done. i.e. Provide a recent Passport photograph, Utility bill and any accepted means of identification like your Driver’s License Or your international Passport.



How To Setup And Start Using PayWithCapture

You can download the PayWithCapture Mobile App on your mobile devices. Available On The Android Playstore, Apple Store and The Windows Store Respectively.

Step 1. Download the App From the store and Link it with your old bank account

Link your bank account or card and start paying for your purchases immediately

Step2. Order your titanium card

Send money to your new account and order your new card. The Titanium card offers you the flexibility and convenience of PayWithCapture when you link your bank accounts. You get one card for all your accounts that you can use anywhere in the world.

Step3. Start Saving Funds

Invite your friends and start saving towards your goal

Step4. Get Discounts

Redeem coupons and loyalty points towards discounts on payments to participating companies



Difference Between PayWithCapture And Other Banks Payment Solution

Features PayWithCapture Your bank
Bill Payments Free N100
SMS Alert Free N4
Debit Card Titanium Debit Card Other debit cards
Link other bank accounts/cards Available Not available
Inter bank transfer N50 flat fee N100 Minimum
QR Code and quick pay feature Available Not available


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