Netflix App: How To Download And Use The Movie Mobile App

The Netflix Movie App is a new innovation in the Online Movie App in Nigeria. This has been in use in other developed countries in the western world. Netflix has become a major competitor for the likes of DSTV And IROKO TV in Nigeria. One major obstacle faced by Netflix and Iroko Tv is the Internet Connectivity as Netflix depend solely on Internet to perform to its full capacity. The ISP (Internet Service Providers) in Nigeria are yet to meet up with international standard based on what is obtainable in other developed countries as this as been a major problem in Nigeria for Internet Based Tv Providers.


How do I contact Netflix once I have the app downloaded?

If you are already a Netflix member, launch the Netflix app and sign in using your Netflix email and password.

If you are a Netflix member, follow these steps once signed into the app:

  1. Select the Menu icon ( ) that’s usually located in the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and select Call Help Center or Help.
  3. Contact us by selecting the Call Us icon ( ).

If you are not a Netflix member, follow these steps after launching the app:

  1. Select Sign In or Help, usually located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. For iOS devices, select Call Help Center.
  3. Contact us by selecting the Call Us icon ( ).


Setting up Netflix On both Android And IOS Devices is what we have taken out time to analyze as they are the Most Used Mobile OS running Devices In Nigeria.


How To Setup Netflix On Your IOS Devices

To connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your Netflix account, make sure you are on the Home screen and follow the steps below.

  1. Tap App Store.
  2. Tap Search.
  3. Type Netflix in the Search bar.
  4. Tap Search.
  5. Tap the Netflix, Inc. search result.
  6. Tap Get or the Cloud icon.
  7. Tap Netflix icon on the Home screen.
  8. Enter your Netflix email and password.
  9. Tap Sign In.


Steps In Setting Up Netflix On Your Android Devices

To connect your Android phone or tablet to your Netflix account, make sure you are on the Home screen and follow the steps below.

  1. Tap the Play Store app.
  2. Tap the magnifying glass in the upper right corner.
  3. Search for Netflix.
  4. Tap the Netflix app in the list.
  5. Tap Free and then OK.
  6. The installation is complete when the notification bar at the top of the screen displays “Successfully Installed Netflix.”
  7. Exit the Play Store.
  8. Find and launch the Netflix app.
  9. Enter your Netflix email and password.

Your device is now connected to your Netflix account. Enjoy!


How To Make Netflix Payment In Nigeria

You can make Netflix Payment through most banks online payment platforms or using the banks debit cards (Visa And Master Card). Paypal is also another means of payment accepted by the platform.

Please Note that the first month of subscription is free on the Netflix Platform. However in subsequent months, you would require subscription to continue enjoying the services. Different plans are available on the platform which are listed below with all the features available every subscription varies. Below we have listed out all the packages you can subscribe to on Netflix.


How Much It Cost To Subscribe To Netflix In Nigeria And Different Available Plans

Monthly price after free month ends on 10/14/16 US$7.99 US$9.99 US$11.99
HD available * Yes Yes
Ultra HD available * * Yes
Screens you can watch on at the same time 1 2 4
Watch on your laptop, TV, phone and tablet Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited movies and TV shows Yes Yes Yes
Cancel anytime Yes Yes Yes
First month free Yes Yes Yes

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