Symptoms Of Age Related Hearing Loss And How To Treat In Different Methods

As humans, as age increases there are changes in body systems and functions. Usually, the capacity of body parts drops as age goes up especially 60 years upward. Hearing loss is one of those diseases that is age related. Some people experience poor hearing ability as they age.


Age related hearing loss is medically known as presbycusis. It is the gradual and persistent hearing loss in both ears due to aging. This has become common trend among people of 65 years upward. The process begins gradually and its effects increase over time. The gradual effects may eventually lead to changes in blood flow to the ear as well as changes in the structures of the inner ear.  Age related hearing loss is also linked to both genetic and environment based. Although it is not life-threatening but if not checked,  it can have a significant impact on such a person’s quality of life.



Causes Of Age Related Hearing Loss

There are few causes of age related hearing loss. These causes may include:


  1. The damage of tiny hairs in the ear. These hairs transmit sound to the brain and when they are damaged, there is no more communication between the ear and the brain.
  2. Hearing nerves impairment. These will lead to inability to transmit sound.
  3. Alterations in the way that the brain processes speech and sound.
  4. Being overly exposed to loud noises.
  5. Family history of hearing loss when it is genetic.
  6. Health issues such as diabetes and poor blood circulation.
  7. The use of certain medications which are harmful to the ear such as aspirin and some antibiotics.
  8. Smoking.



How To Treat Age Related Hearing Loss

The age related hearing may not be treated to be forgotten except by some means of miracle but it can be managed in such a way that the affected person will be aided and be able to hear to some extent.

However, the management process of coming up with a unique solution for a client requires the input of experts in different fields such as psychology, audiology, neurology, otolaryngology etc. There are few management steps that can be taken and they are:


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  1. Hearing Aids





This is one of the significant way to manage hearing loss. Hearing aids help to magnify sounds in the ear of the affected person so that he can be able to act and respond to the world around.



  1. Sign Language And Lip Reading




In order to help the affected person to participate in the world around, he/she may take lessons in lip reading so that by paying attention to the lips of the other communicating party, the message will be understood. He can as well learn the sign language such that if he meets anyone skilled in it too, they can communicate.



  1. Cochlear Implant



Cochlear implant refers to the implant of a small electronic device in the ear which helps increase the sound in their ears via surgery. This is the option for those with severe hearing loss.


With these, anyone suffering from age related hearing loss can find a guide that will help proffer a unique solution to his or her experience.


NOTE : The information provided in this post is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. You are hereby advised not to use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease without consulting with a qualified healthcare provider. Kindly consult your healthcare provider with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your condition, abstain from self medication.

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