Specta Loan: How To Apply With Interest Rate And Repayment Plans On All Forms Of Loans

Specta is an online platform where you can borrow funds for use. This platform offers different kinds of loans for different kind of people. Whether you are a business man or salary earner, you will get a loan structure that will fit in for you. Are you in need of money urgently for household, business or something very crucial to you, specta has got you covered.


Specta is powered by Sterling Bank. It is loan accessing platform without paperwork or collateral. The loan can be accessed online. You can apply with your mobile device as long as it has internet connection. You can borrow as much as five million naira (N5,000,000) in any of the loan types.


Specta has different kind of loans which may include personal loan, payday loan, wedding finance, rent finance, personal project, holiday finance, education finance and medical finance. These different loan types are created for different reasons just as their name sounds so that people may have access to fund for these reasons.


Payday Loan

It is loan that is designed for salary earners who may need to sort out some expenses that cannot wait till payday. It is a short term loan not more thirty (30) days. The amount that can be granted depends on the salary of the person requesting.


Medical Finance

No one prays for failed health or accident but just in case it happens when there is no money, you don’t have to worry. You can get it fixed with the medical finance loan. Specta hopes to be your very help in the most difficult situations.

Wedding Finance

Wedding expenses can be very high and demanding, Specta has created a loan type to ease the burden. Get the wedding done and strategically pay back at your convenience.

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Education Finance

This is an important decision either to acquire more knowledge, for promotion and certification. Specta is helping out with your vision in this regard as always. So, get it done with the aid of specta.


Personal Project

Have you got a personal project you want to execute but have no money? Specta can help you. You only need to apply for the personal project loan, get funded and you are on your way to fulfill your dreams.

Holiday Finance

Holidays usually involve high cost. You need to get more food, fun, entertainment etc. This loan is a perfect deal for you to make the holiday enjoyable and a true time of rest.


Rent Finance

Before your landlord throws you out, here is an option to shut him up. If you are hoping to get a new place, this may be a good idea. Get the rent finance loan and worry about payment later.


Personal Loan

This loan is made available for personal issues that may come up unexpectedly or things you just need to settle. This may take a little more time to repay than that of payday loan.



How To Apply For Loan

To apply for loan with Specta, you only an internet enabled device and internet connection. Once you have this, log on to the website and get started. Here are the steps to follow;

  1. Log on to the Specta website, https://www.myspecta.com/
  2. Carefully read through the available loan types and select the one that best matches your interest.
  3. Then click on start application below the loan type you wish to apply for.
  4. Fill the five (5) steps form to apply for the loan.
  5. Your eligibility will be decided in minutes. If you are eligible, you will get credited.

The maximum loan amount that is obtainable is N5,000,000. All Fees charged are regarded as Management fee (maximum of 1% negotiable per community), Commitment Fee (Maximum of 1% negotiable per community) and Insurance Fee (1% flat per annum non-negotiable on Personal loans and Salary Advance. Please note that the interest rate is 7% flat on House Hold/Asset Acquisition).

For further enquiry, you may call either of these mobile numbers 08170852820, 08170852815. You can also get assistance via the social media handle @MySpecta on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or forward an email to info@myspecta.com

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