Temple Gate Polytechnic: How To Register Courses, Requirements And All You Need To Know

The Polytechnic was established to guarantee a career-oriented education by teaching applied, real-world, industry-current programs in selected areas, while satisfying the demands of students for employment and career advancement and the demands of industry for highly qualified executives at the National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND) levels.


  • Focusing on learning and its commitment to continuous improvement of student learning and teaching effectiveness by systematic assessment and innovation in curriculum, delivery and service.
  • Making Use of the Temple Gate Polytechnic Learning Model to imbibe a ready-to-achieve learning experience which will result in demonstrated competences; students are provided hands-on, industry-related, problem-solving experiences that model the professional environment and encourage achievements that lead to student and employer success.
  • Maintaining an applied research and problem solving focus in the Temple Gate Polytechnic Professional Learning Model to promote an educational background at all levels that promotes students to adapt to dynamic environments, become life-long learners as well as life-long contributors to themselves, their families, their profession, and our society.
  • Ensuring high-tech is integrated with high-touch customer service; by providing students with a sensitive and motivating environment of supportive services in career planning, academic advising, and financial and career services to enhance students’ probability of success.
  • Making use of modern and essential initiatives by active participation with the business community; this interaction is achieved through the institution’s advisory boards and faculty selection. This enables the Polytechnic to identify and implement timely curriculum and equipment changes in selected programs.



» ND Application Form


  1. The form should be submitted through the link below. As an alternative, it could be completed in the applicant’s own handwriting and in block letters.
  2. Send the completed forms either through a registered post or preferably by hand to:


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 The Registrar

Temple-Gate Polytechnic

World Bank Housing Estate Abayi

  1. O. BOX, 3448 Aba

Abia State. Tel: 08036832244, 08139492441, 08103922990

  1. Candidates must possess the following

(i) A copy of birth certificate or a sworn declaration of age.

(ii) Two clear duplicate copies of results of the qualifying examinations of certificate or statements of result.

(iii) Recent passport photographs of the Candidate duly certified, in regards to authenticity on the back. Passport should be eight (8).

(V) A stamped, self addressed envelope.

Study the accompanying Admission Brochure carefully before completing the form.

Click on this link http://templegatepolytechnic.com/application_admissions.pdf to download the form.





  1. Applicants must have with them the minimum requirements for the National Diploma (ND) PROGRAMME in their chosen field.
  2. They must also have the National Diploma of Temple Gate Polytechnic, Aba or an equivalent from a recognized institution in the appropriate disciplines with a minimum of lower Credit Pass(CGPA of 2.50)
  3. Applicants must also have, as at the date of admission, completed a minimum of twelve (12) calendar months post National Diploma industrial Work Experience relevant to their field of study.
  4. Candidate with a CGPA below 2.50 must have completed a minimum of two years of post ND cognate work experience.



Applicants are strongly advised to urge their institutions and referees to forward in haste, their academic transcripts and referees report immediately. Any applicant who fails to submit the above documents on time may not be admitted.



Entry Requirement

  1. Application Form (₦6,000)
  2. JAMB Result
  4. Birth Certificate
  5. Certificate Of Origin
  6. 10 White Background Passport
  7. Transcript
  8. T Letter

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