Top 10 Cheapest Areas To Live In Lagos With Price Range

Lagos is one of the states in Nigeria with the highest population. It is Nigeria’s center of commerce, and it is the major center where business flourish.

Although Lagos is seen as an expensive place to live, there are still some areas with houses that are quite cheap and affordable.

Below is a list of 10 different areas that are pocket friendly and that you should consider.



Meiran is located in Ojokoro LGA close to the reformed Abule-Egba. In Meiran, a three bedroom flat is available for as low as 250,000 naira. A studio apartment would cost at least 150,000 naira or lower depending on your choice.



The cost of renting a three bedroom flat in Badagry isn’t above 300,000 naira. A studio apartment would only cost 200,000 naira. Badagry is a cool place to stay. Over half of the Lagos population have never been there, and the one who have, only went for adventure and tourism. Badagry has an interesting history and is a good site.



Ikorodu is another city in lagos where you can get affordable housing. The cost of living in ikorodu is really cheap but the bad part is the increasing crime rate. It is located along the Lagos Lagoon



Agege is pretty cheap and it is one of the five unsafe places in Lagos state. The town is congested with all types of people doing different things. This may be as a result of the cheap cost of livelihood.

One thing that can’t be taken away from the city is the popular term ‘Agege bread’. Agege owns a stadium that hosts the Lagos premier league team.


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Getting a really comfortable place in mushin can be hard at times, but when you do, be sure that it’s gonna be cheaper than houses on the other parts of Lagos.

Mushin was formerly referred to as ‘Mushin Olosa’ meaning “Mushin the den of thieves”. It is actually a dangerous place to live, and if you are not the ghetto type, you have to be extra carefully. The big ‘M’ city tops the list of unsafe places.


  1. EPE

Epe is located on the north side of the Lekki Lagoon. It is relatively cheap but more expensive than the other places. This is because of its close proximity to Lekki. Epe could be a perfect place if you can’t afford places like Lekki itself.



This area is really affordable as you can get a two bedroom flat for just 200,000 naira only.

The good thing about this area is that you would still be around the happening places.


  1. KETU/MILE 12

This area is an option if you can’t afford to live in Ojota. The houses in Ketu and Mile 12 are considerably cheaper and comfortable to live in, but ethnic crises makes this area risky.



This area is affordable with a two bedroom flat at 250,000 naira.

The only downside is the heavy traffic in this area.



This is a good place to live in. It is thought to be a rough place but this only depends on the area you are. Bariga is a place where you get to find what you would need including things for fun. It is close to the University of Lagos, and it is just a little more costly than the other locations.

Now from the list of affordable cities in Lagos, you can choose the one that.

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