Latest Price Of All Startime Decorder, Different Packages And All You Must Know

The Startimes company is a Chinese based company. The Startime Nigeria is a subsidiary of the Startimes Media. It is a pay TV and a digital terrestrial TV (DDT) network. The  Startimes services were brought to Nigeria by the NTA star TV network limited.

The Startimes TV Nigeria is run by the Nta star tv network and was the first digital Tv to arrive the Nigerian market earlier in the year 2010. They used a special kind of high technology that affected the Dstv and Multi choice, Dstv parent organisation had to release the popular Gotv to deal with Star times. Since then, it has been a fierce competition.



Latest Price Of All Startime Decoder

The Startimes decoder is usually packaged with a remote, in-door antenna and a free one month unique startimes bouquet.


See Different Decoder Below

* SD Decoder : 4,500 Naira. Decoder + Antenna is 5,900 Naira.

* Combo Decoder : 5,900 Naira. Decoder + Accessories is 9,900 Naira.

* HD Decoder: 7,500 Naira. Decoder + Antenna is 8,900 Naira.

* DTH S2 Decoder : 7,900 Naira. Decoder with complete set is 11,900 Naira.


—> The 10m Yagi out door antenna can be bought separately for as low as N1,900 Naira.


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Latest Price Of All Startime Decoder, And Different Packages

There are four (4) bouquet for antenna decoders and three (3) bouquet for dish decoders in the Startime package.

The various Dish Super and Nova bouquet are just like the Antenna Unique and Nova bouquet respectively.


√ The Smart bouquet which is available for dish decoders only has over 85 channels for just 1900 Naira per month.

√ The Unique or super bouquet is the most expensive bouquet with over 136 channels. Just enough channels for your money value.

—> All of these bouquet offer daily, weekly and monthly subscriptions. You can choose the one you prefer most.


Latest Startime Decoder Packages

  1. Unique bouquet

This is the most expensive startimes packages. The Unique bouquet has over one hundred (100) channels and it is billed at three thousand eight hundred naira only (N3,800) per month.


  1. Startimes Classic Bouquet

The classic bouquet is available at just two thousand six hundred naira only (N2,600). It has over eighty (80) channels available, and this amount is billed per month.

This package is the best bouquet that gives your pure quality for your money. It has all the nova and basic bouquet channels plus some extra channels.


  1. Startimes Nova Bouquet

This is the cheapest of them all. It costs just Nine hundred naira per month, N900/mo.

There are over thirty (30) channels available on this bouquet package.


  1. Startimes Nigeria Basic Subscription

This Basic Subscription is another very cheap bouquet. It has over sixty (60) channels available and it is priced at the rate of one thousand three hundred naira only (N1,300), per month.



After the activation of your startimes decoder, it becomes active and you can now access all or some of the over one hundred and thirty six (136) channels available on the startimes platform.

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