How to Transfer Credit From One Line To Another On MTN, GLO, Airtel And Etisalat Network

You might be wondering, how do I transfer credit from one network to the other or from one sim to the other? Well you just landed on the right article, to take you through the easy process of transferring between Etisalat to Etisalat Networks, Glo to Glo, Networks MTN to MTN Networks and Airtel to Airtel Networks.

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Step By Step Instructions To Transfer Credit From Airtel to Airtel

Like I said above, it is advisable to first change your default transfer pin to your own number before continuing with a transfer

To change airtel transfer pin, send the order below as SMS to 432

Pin Old Pin New Pin e.g Pin 1234 9090. Airtel default pin is 1234

To exchange credit starting with one airtel sim then onto the next, you have to enter the command as follows.

2U (space) Recipient’s telephone number (space) Amount (space) Pin. Then send it as SMS to 432.

Case: 2U 08188808883 100 1234 to 432


Step by step instructions to Transfer Credit from Glo to Glo

It would first be advisable for you to change your default transfer pin to prevent just anyone from using your sim to make a transfer..


Instructions to Change or Create Glo Me2u Transfer Pin

To change/make your Glo ME2U transfer, dial 13200000New Pin New Pin# then send.

Where 00000 is your default pin


How To Transfer From Glo to Glo Network

To exchange credit from with one glo sim then onto the next, you simply dial 131recipients telephone numberAmountPin# then send.

For Instance

1310705362781910012345#. Instantly you send the order, you will get a message once again from the system instructing you to affirm by pressing 1, if you wish to cancel the transfer simply press 2 to scratch off.


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The Most Effective Method To Transfer Credit From Etisalat To Etisalat

To exchange credit from your etisalat sim to another, simply go to the etisalat service menu on your device. When it is found, tap on Balance transfer and after that, a security code box will show up asking for your pin. Your default pin is 0000 and thereafter you would be required to enter the sum you wish to transfer and send.

If you wish to change your default pin, you can do that at the service menu.

Another way to exchange credit from etisalat to etisalat is by dialing 223PinAmountPhone Number#

For Instance



Step By Step Instructions To Transfer Credit from MTN to MTN

Before you can start an exchange from any MTN line, you would need to make a secret pin. This secret pin must be known to only you, and the pin must be four digit numbers. Anybody that knows your pin can exchange your credit without your consent.


Step by step instructions to Change Your Transfer Pin from Default

You should change your exchange pin from default to a number you can easily remember. The default pin is 0000. You can change your pin by means of USSD or SMS.


Step By Step Instructions To Change Your Stick By Means Of SMS

To get your new pin activated just send the forward command by SMS Send the accompanying summon through SMS to enact your new pin 0000 1234 to 777

The 0000 in the order means your default pin,

The 1234 in the order implies your new pin,

The repeated 1234 in the order implies new pin confirmation affirmation.

Simply change the 1234 to a number you can easily remember and cannot be easily guessed by just anyone, after you do that accurately you will get a confirmation message, that your new pin has been changed.

Although I could advice you use the USSD method as it is the most effective method in changing your pin

To change your exchange pin through USSD, dial 601 default/old PIN* New PIN* New PIN# then press the send catch. For instance, to change your pin from default to 4321, you will dial 601000043214321#. If entered accurately, you will get a message that your pin has been changed effectively.


The Most Effective Method To Transfer Credit On MTN Lines

You can likewise exchange credit from MTN through two means. The methods are USSD and SMS as explained below.


1. Step by step instructions to exchange credit through SMS:

You type the message in this order Recieptent Number, then space, Amount to transfer, then space, and then your transfer pin and send it to 777.

For Instance

Transfer 08065555880 200 1234 and send it to 777

If entered accurately, you will get message instructing you to affirm your order by sending Yes to 777. In the event that you need to cancel the transfer, simply send CANCEL to 777.


2.Step By Step Instructions To Exchange Credit Through USSD

To exchange credit by means of USSD, dial 600Recipient’s telephone numberamount in NairaPIN# then press Send/Ok. In the event that entered correctly, you will get an instant message affirming fruitful exchanges.

For instance

600080655558802001234# then press Send/Ok

Have any questions, or having trouble in any of the processes, simply use the comment section and I will get to you immediately.

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