Startimes App: How To Download And All The Benefits Of This App

Overtime in Nigeria,the rise and rise of digital television in the country have reached a continuous growing trend. Different satellite television companies have made it into the Nigeria market with some enjoying more patronage than others. They Satellite televisions that have come into the Nigerian market since the 90’s include Ctl, DStv , Hitv, stong tv, Daarsat, kwese, gotv, multitv, rainbow tv, Startimes tv and many more.

Some have faded out with time while others like Startimes have been on the rise ever since it’s introduction to Nigerians. Startimes is a major paytv satellite digital TV provider and one of the pivotal pay tv companies today in the country. Startimes tv company started in China around 1988 but only found its way to the Nigerian TV industry in 2008 when it signed with NTA to form a joint venture which became known as the NTA_STAR TV Network.

Since middle 2009, Startimes have seen alot of patronage by Nigerians of different financial class. Due to it’s growth, Startimes have seen a spring up of many outlets in different regions across the Nation.Many Nigerians go for Startimes because It offers more thab 90 channels to millions of customers at a relatively cheaper price when compared to other satellite digital television providers. Startimes has 2 types of decoders which customers can buy and they are: the HD decoder (ii) combo decoder.



Price Of Startimes Decoder

  • Startimes HD decoder ₦5,100
  • Startimes Combo decoder ₦9,900
  • External Antenna (10m) ₦3,200


The Startimes HD decoder is capable of being used without having to mount the dish first. Mounting the Startimes dish is easy and fast and can be done without the need of a technician. What is required of  you is to plug it to your television and play. The decoder gives high-quality pictures thanks to it’s Hdmi port and has a very good user interface While the Startimes combo decoder enables you access to over 90 digital channels. It is efficient with both antenna or dish.


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How To Pay For Startimes Subscription

Any Startimes office

Recharge card payment( yes ,it’s possible)


Selected banks

Mobile money (Stanbic IBTC)

GistMe payment only if you have an account



How To Download Startimes App To Watch All Channels

Startimes tv isn’t only limited to televisions alone. With the rapid and rampant growth of smartphones in Nigeria today, Startimes company decided to capitalize on the potential of the smart phone markets and developed a Startimes Application for Android, iOS and windows which allows one to watch their favorite shows ,sports, documentaries and many more on their hand held devices.

The Startimes app enables an individual to stream free online videos, TV guides, and live matches. Downloaders of the Startimes  Application gets access to all these  anytime and anywhere.


The contents of the Startimes Application includes Nollywood, Bollywood, and Hollywood,kung-fu movies, EPL, Afcon, Serie A, and La Liga, tennis, boxing,and even car racing !!! Alot of enjoyment is assured here I tell you.

To download the application and enjoy all these enjoyable,all you have to do is to visit your respective application stores on your mobiles depending on the operating system you have running on your mobile device. For Android users ,head to the playstore and search for Startimes Application. Once you see it ,hit the download button and wait for the download to be completed before you begin enjoying. Same rule applies for other operating systems.

*It requires alot of data to function*

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