Udusok Hostel: How To Book Accommodation And Make Payments Online On The Portal

Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto is one of the federal universities founded in 1975. It was first referred to as university of sokoto. This university has grown from strength to strength over the years in both student and staff strength. In this review, we shall look into the hostel application process and the rules that surrounds it.


Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto is fondly referred to as UDUSOK. This university offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes. She also have accommodation for her students. Although the number of students outweighs the available accommodation. To this end, the university has a few number of rules that governs the application and approval of accommodation for her students. These rules include;

  1. All students are to know that accommodation is a privilege and never a right
  2. Accommodation is shared or approved on first come first served basis.
  3. Accommodation sharing has priority which include fresh students (undergraduate and postgraduate), Final year students (undergraduate and postgraduate), physically challenged students, sport men and women, foreign students, student union executives and other students.

It is interesting that there are rules to how you should live in the hall of residence. These include that you cannot use electrical appliances such as refrigerator, air conditioner, hot plate etc. If you must play music, it must be at a considerable level between 6am and 11pm. You are not allowed to cook in the room. All personal materials must be registered with the hall of residence administrator.


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How To Make Payment For Accommodation Online

If you fall into the above listed categories of students that are under the high priority for accommodation, you may apply for the accommodation online. To do this, you are required to make payment first and then request for the accommodation online. To do this, Kindly follow the steps below;

  1. Log on to the university portal, http://udusok.edu.ng/
  2. Navigate and click on matriculations studies portal
  3. Then click on Hostel application
  4. Navigate to the payment tab
  5. Select payment type as accommodation/hostel
  6. Insert your admission number
  7. Your details should pop up, please confirm and proceed to generate invoice
  8. You may print to make payment any commercial bank or continue to make payment online with your ATM card.
  9. Input your card details and make payment.
  10. Print your receipt.
  11. Navigate to request for the accommodation
  12. Print the accommodation form
  13. Sign it and take it to the hall of residence to claim the bed space at the hostel portal.

It is important to note that squatting is not allowed in the halls of residence and bed space selling is highly frowned at. You may lose your studentship if care is not taken if caught selling your bed space.


Please do not delay the claiming of your accommodation beyond the given time.

For assistance, you may call either of the mobile numbers 09032822061, 09075617885 between 8am and 3pm during the week days.

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