Uniben Cut Off Mark For Direct Entry And All You Need To Know About Post Utme Aggregate

Although the official cut off mark from Jamb is 180, several schools have different cut off marks and the situation is now getting to the point where departments within the school now have different cut off marks. Why cut off marks are important is that you do not stand a chance of getting admitted at all where you do not meet the cut off mark.


However, you may still not get admitted with the cut off mark where there are a lot of candidates whose marks are far above the cut off mark. This is why having a knowledge of your University’s cut off mark is important. But what is much more important is scoring above the cut off mark so that you are in safe hands.


We have compiled in this piece today the cut off mark for direct entry into Uniben by the various departments but these cut off marks also apply to Utme candidates as well. We have also said something about post utme aggregate that we know you will find helpful.


Find The Cut Off Marks For The Various Uniben Courses Below

Faculty of Social Sciences

Public Administration –  205

Insurance –  200

Accounting –  220

Business Administration –  220

Marketing –  200


Faculty of Arts

Theatre Arts –  200

Mass Communication –  210

International Studies –  200

Linguistics –  200

History –  200

Foreign Languages –  200

Philosophy –  200


Education (All courses) –  200


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Faculty Of Agriculture

Fisheries –  200

Animal Science –  200

Crop Science –  200

Agric Economics –  200

Soil Science –  200



Faculty Of Sciences

Medical Laboratory Science –  220

Medical Biochemistry –  200

Pharmacy –  215

Microbiology –  210

Medicine and Surgery –  220

Anatomy –  200

Nursing –  215

Optometry –  210

Industrial Physics –  200

Dental Surgery –  220

Plant Biology and Biotech –  200

Industrial Mathematics –  200

Animal and Environmental Biology –  200

Physiotherapy –  220


Post Utme Aggregate

The University of Benin is practising the post utme aggregate system where candidates are given admission based on a point system calculated by their scores at the Utme examination. The scores at the Utme are combined with the O’level results to grant candidates admission. This means that your Utme scores go a very long way to determine your chances of getting admitted.

To calculate your post utme aggregate for Uniben, divide your Jamb score by 8 and then divide your post utme score by 2. Add the two results together to get your aggregate score.


For example: If Susan scores 250 in Jamb and then scores 60 marks in her post utme, her aggregate score will be calculated as follows:


250/8    =  31.25

60/2     =  30

Now, add up the two scores.

31.25 + 30  =  61.25

Since 2 cannot be rounded up, her aggregate score is 61% out of 100%.


It is that simple.

The aggregate system came up as a result of the policy transferring admission processing to Jamb like it used to be before rather than leaving it in the hands of the school.

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