The University of Ilorin is arguably the most consistent federal university in Nigeria at the moment. The school is well known and is mostly preferred amongst students as a result of its stable academic calendar. However, there are some controversial rules which the school expects its students to abide to; especially rules pertaining to student’s mode of dressing. The university has a constituted dress code committee which monitors how students dress on campus. Our sources say the third time a particular student is apprehended by the committee, such student would face expulsion. In a sensational twist of events, the university has now placed a ban on the use of ‘heavy make-ups’ by female students on campus. Furthermore, girls can no longer use hair extensions with colours such as; blue, green, white, yellow, red, pink and purple, or a combination of any of these colours. Also, male students are not allowed to plait, curl or weave hair. According to the school’s dress code, students are not allowed to have some particular hairstyles, as it specifies some prohibited hairstyles such as ‘artificial dread locks’, ‘galax’, ‘fadeout’ and rough coil haircuts.



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Other Rules Highlighted By  University Of Ilorin  Dress Code Committee Include

  1. Male students should note that the hair should be neat and well combed at all times
  2. The haircuts should not carry inscriptions
  3. Artificial dreadlocks, plaiting, weaving or braiding of hair are not acceptable.
  4. Female students should note that heavy make-ups, skimpy dresses, and coloured hair extensions are not allowed
  5. Pencil trousers are allowed but must be complemented with tops that cover the butt line.
  6. All wears must be below the knee line (this means that shorts are not allowed).
  7. Sagging of trousers and wearing of earrings by male students are not allowed.
  8. Tight fitting and transparent wears are not allowed
  9. Skimpy dresses such as spaghetti, body hugs and topless blouse are not allowed
  10. T-shirts with obscene inscriptions depicting immorality, hooliganism and cultism are not allowed.


It should be noted that the students begin their examination next week and the university has vowed to prevent students who have issues with the dress code committee from writing their exam. Good luck to everyone all the same.


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